Unpopular blogs are nice. Why? Because there are less chances of tons of ads and constant ‘follow us,’ ‘buy this,’ ‘sign up.’ Izzy’s Buzz is a blog, too! Plus, little-known blogs are less likely to be driven by money and fame, and more likely to be a small pastime or a hobby from the blogger.

Let’s find these blogs!

1. The Plot Bunny

It’s a story and novel blog that writes articles about things like Harry Potter Patronuses to plots (hence it’s name) it’s a sweet blog that gives off serious cottage feels whilst remaining very true to its bookish nature! They also do book reviews and you can contact them, too. It is run by someone named Marcilia.

2. Just A Lil Blog

Just A Lil Blog is a blog run by an autistic girl and her older sister. They have articles, links to resources and most importantly…memes!!! They have also won a plethora of awards for their contributions. You can check out all the awards they’ve won here. They also have a Twitter account where they retweet and post memes 🙂

3. Coffee Poets Society

A dark-academia-ish blog that mainly focuses on poetry and literature. It is run by an author and poet and you can ‘submit your poetry and prose’ to them anytime. They also have a little ‘study’ corner where they give study guides and study playlists. You can also check out Moni G’s study playlist here. They have an ‘academia’ corner, too!

4. Enjoy It/Elise Blaha

Although it isn’t little known, we thought we’d add this one, too. It’s a personal blog that varies from knitting to their own podcast! You can check out their podcast by pressing on one of these words. They also have sewing + recipes guides and ideas!

5. Mayholic Design

It used to be called mayholiccrafts.wordpress but they moved their website! They mainly focus on DIYs and crafts, but they have the occasional giveaway and the frequent blog post that also features DIYs! We recommend if you are showing symptoms of boredom and/or creative block.

Did your blog make the list? If not, ze comments are awaiting your arrival!


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