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How is Christmas so far? If your family isn’t awake yet, or there’s a reason why you can’t ‘start Christmas’ then this ‘article’ will suit you, too! Well, more so blog post than article!

Christmas is a pretty neat celebration. You get sugar (hehe), presents and maybe the occasional Christmas movie. Every reason to watch Harry Potter, too…Whether you are at the Yule Ball or reading cozily in a corner, it’s Christmas!

Well, since this is more of a random, miscellaneous post and not a ‘why this HP character isn’t in this HP house’ you’ll find that some things don’t make sense. But I felt a need to wish you, Buzzer, Merry Christmas, because why not?

What did you get for Christmas? If you’d like to share, you can comment 🙂

I’m not really sure what to write in a blog post. Frankly, I rarely write blog posts. But they are fun, if I had to admit, so you could see us doing them more often! What do you write in blog posts? I could use our previous articles on some little-known blogs as an example, I guess!

Well, Christmas is a festive celebration. Although there are people who don’t celebrate it, too.

There are lots of things you can do on Christmas day. Maybe it’s Christmas night and you are bored. Or middle of Christmas day and you’re bored, too. Maybe it’s early morning…you get it! Well, if you are bored, you’re free to laze around the Izzy’s Buzz common room 🙂 plus, Percy’s not our head!!! That’s something to toast to! You can choose your drink, by the way 😉

Also, while we’re blabbering absent-mindedly, do you ever get a song or word stuck in your head? Right now I have ‘EXPECTO PATRONUM-UM-UM-UUUH-UHH-UHH-UM’ stuck in my head. Which is actually a great remix @monica showed me! She wishes you a Merry Christmas, too!

It may seem like this article is pointless, but quite candidly, it’s more of a discussion post. If you want to comment about a specific word/sentence/paragraph you can paste it in the comments and reply and we’ll reply, too!

Christmas can be fun. It’s also a pretty (non)productive time of the year. As you can see, we’ve been lazing around our computer. Also, you can recommend articles anytime 🙂 Moni G (Monica/Mon/Moni) recently commented a HP article idea, and we’re publishing it soon, so don’t worry or hesitate to ask us! If you’d prefer to ask us privately, you can contact us, too.

You can use this image as painting inspiration/Christmas feels/wallpaper/to share/to make a meme with (???)

Here is a small list of things you can do if you’re bored on Christmas!

  1. Read a Christmas novel
  2. Watch a Christmas movie
  3. Role-play a Christmas event
  4. Learn about Funko! Pops, or if you already have some, play with them!
  5. Make a festive movie!
  6. List of things to do in winter article!
  7. Read Adopted As A Vlogger! And Part 2!
  8. Look at memes!

Of course, before you leave, we will give you a Christmas present! After all, you are a Buzzer 😉

Refresh soon for it!


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