If you’re a Potterhead, you’ve probably already watched/read the movies/books, then you probably have strong opinions on certain aspects of it. But Hermione’s ‘time-turner’ McGonagall gifted to her in her first year has not been seen as very ‘beneficial’, let’s just say!

Many fans have made memes about Hermione not using her time turner to do this and to do that and to save Dobby and to do this and etc etc. They said it was a huge ‘plot hole’ meaning it made a hole in the plot (it didn’t add up.) Other fans have made articles about why it isn’t a plot hole, after all. This article which kinda sums it up.

But everyone has their own opinions and an article should not completely alter your world view. Opinion perhaps, though. In some cases.

Now, we are asking you, was the Time Turner a good move? Or not?

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  1. It depends when Hermione used it. For some, yes, it was a very intelligent move, but for others, no, not as much. Depends which time she used it, and how it helped!

    1. She used it to save Buckbeak, but Dumbledore knew Buckbeak had already been saved and that the emo executioner didn’t kill him. And he wanted them to see it. So what do you think? Not as in ‘intelligent’ or not, but as in ‘was it useful? Did it help?’ and that’s the thing!

      1. Yeah, it was actually!
        But I want to ask a question: What happened to Buckbeak when he/she went with Sirius Black? Because Sirius is dead! So where’s Buckbeak now? 🤔🤨

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