Wwell hello there Buzzers. And welcome to a new Izzy;s Buzz article, this article is with all the spelling and grammar mistakes that we make. Since we edit our articles o make t=syre they don’t ahve qny mistakes, here is oe with all the mistakes we make. For examkle, if we press on another ketter ratjer than the correct one, we will edit that, so that it is legible, but here every lketter we pressed wrong will stay, ajd the grammar mistakes will too. We habitually reread and correct our grammar ourselves, bvut if we make mistakes, you know why, haha. Anyways, rather than taking in this unavailing rant, you canb see how many mistaeks the hyman makes. This is more to show that everyone makes mistakes and less to show that our fingers are working their way ariund the keyboard and stopping from pressing 0 rather than p, ahaha. Se,e, we all make mistakes, i mean, we make so much you could stop counting by theend of thsi aticle haha!

Humans aree not prohrammed to be perfect, although ut took us a long time to understad that, haha. We are programmed to make mistakes ad wuth those we learn. See, i cant even spell with properlu. Nor that word.

An Izzy’s Buzz article isn’t usually reread (………) but we do try to make the least possible mistakes we can so that, a, you can read it without having difficulties because theres a p in cant and do that the reading experience is a pleasant one.

It’s actually quite refrshing not toi have to edit this articl and withoutn havung to press the delete button 50 times per sentence (we are [retty clusmsy with our keyboard sometimes) anyways now you can see how an article is like with all the mistakes.



TheBuzz Team


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  1. This is so unreadable I had to read it at least 5 times before understanding *no offense*
    Glad you check your articles for mistakes before posting 😌😌😌

    1. Exactly, which is why we correct ourselves. One of the points of the article was to show that a) everybody makes mistakes and b) without us correcting ourselves you’d never be able to read it!

  2. it took me so long to understand all of that-
    lol that looks like me typing really fast-
    thanks for this, it made me laugh 🙂

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