Wondering if you’re a Slytherin? House of the monotonous Snape, the prejudiced Malfoys, the gone-bad Voldemort. Well, as many times as you’ve done the Wizarding World (formerly Pottermore) house quiz, you might still have doubt. Time to erase it.

Sidenote: In this article every ‘Slytherin‘ we write will be in bold, then we’ll count how many times we said ‘Slytherin.’


1. You’re ambitious


Slytherins are known for their ambition first and foremost. Which, if I’m being honest (John Legend flashbacks…), is a great trait to have. They will do anything and I mean anything to get what they want, not caring about others. I read an article that some billionaire CEOs did (e.g. Bill Gates, Elon Musk) and they all had one thing in common, that they are willing to just about anything to achieve their goals…in other words, ambition.

2. You’re pretty traditional


Family history and traditions and known and tested methods are just like a second…third…fourth…fifth nature to you. It’s in your blood (Slytherins can be prejudiced but keep in mind that it’s a misconception and generalization and doesn’t apply to all Slytherins.) You prefer things that are tested and proven, rather than inventing your own methods. Also, enjoy the Bob’s Burgers GIF 😉

3. You’re resourceful


Slytherins are the most resourceful of all houses, perhaps with a few individuals who are as much in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. They are quick-thinkers and great at problem-solving. They are shrewd and have a sharp tongue. As a matter of fact, some of them are as cynical and acerbic as Daria.

4. You’re sneaky


The GIF…are we? Slytherins are sneaky and may be manipulative and go behind your back. Although ‘it’s in their nature’ isn’t an excuse for crucio-tantamount mind games, Slytherins are extremely likely to go behind your back, after all, their ambition is above all.

5. You’re pretty prideful


Slytherins are pretty arrogant and prideful, and their pride can get in the way. They take pride in (Snape: being an insufferable know-it-all…Potterheads will get it ;)) their skills and the very notion of being in Slytherin. This might end up as bullying to make others ‘know who’s boss’ or simply just to reinforce their non-existent, delusional hierarchy that may or may not be the Duning-Kruger effect…

6. You relate to some Slytherins


You can relate to some Slytherins…maybe Snape, because you feel relentless hatred for someone (ahem James ahem) or Draco because you are prejudiced and bossy, or Vold-He Who Must Not Be Named because well…uh..I am not entirely sure why one would relate to YOUKNOWWHO but moving on…

7. You’re judgmental


You tend to judge others before getting a full idea of them, which is the opposite of what Hufflepuffs do. You judge every movement others do because you are not fully satisfied with yourself and/or your life. Although it is a common trait, it isn’t one of the best but in the end, life moves along.

So, does it seem like you are a Slytherin? If it does, tell us in the comments!


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    1. Really? I’m Hufflepuff, 100% and Neville and Susan and Ron’s BFFs, they’re my faves!
      Even though Susan isn’t shown enough in the movies, I’m still reading the first book, hoping she’ll be there!!!!!!

      1. Hey Karen! Neville, Susan and Ron welcome you to Hogwarts…
        Sorting Hat: Hm…lots of courage…woah…tremendous kindness…very supportive…outspoken yet sweet and very likeable…HUFFLEPUFF!
        Yes, Susan is a very underrated character when she has tremendous potential to be an enthralling supporting character!

          1. Hello Karen! Yeah, I don’t remember ever hearing Susan talk in the books or the movies, she sorta interacts with Hermione (quick glances, nothing particular or requisite to the plot) but she doesn’t talk…She could’ve been an interesting character, though : D Try the second one, although my personal favourite is Order of The Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince.

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