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Okay let’s stop with the generalizations, here! So, we had this idea to do a monthly announcement blog post, just to keep busy Buzzers in the loop! So that you can catch up with all at the last minute. We usually post this post at the end of the month, yknow, to catch up!

Let’s start with December’s catch-up 🙂



This month we were practically throwing articles to your face everyday. Sorry if it hurt. We’ll cover the hospital bill. Here are the month’s best articles!

  • 12 Harry Potter Memes That Made Draco A Hufflepuff
    Hello Buzzers! Since it’s the holidays and we could all do with some memes and HP content, here you go! This title might confuse you but it’s meant to be a bit of a title that’s different from what we usually do, I see a lot of people titling their articles/videos like this so I …
  • 5 Reasons Why Ron Weasley Isn’t In Hufflepuff
    Hello Buzzers! How are you guys! You seem to really like our HP articles, so here’s another one, this was heavily requested, especially by Moni G! Ron Weasley is known as the often clueless, a bit dramatic person in the ‘golden trio’ but he has shown quite a few Hufflepuff ‘symptoms’ over the movies and …
  • 7 Golden Trio Playlists
    Hello Harry Potterheads ;p and yello yello yello, welcome to yet another Harry Potter playlist article! You might’ve seen our previous one, the Hermione one or our other one on some HP-themed playlists. Anyways, most of them are centered around Harry Potter in general, and we mean the franchise, the whole thing, not the character, …


  • Poetry ~ My Love For Books : By Moni G 🙂
    So, today, dear Buzzers, I present to you my first poetry here on Izzy’s Buzz as an INFP :^ Of course, it will be for my love of books 😀 Books, dear books, that I keep on my nook, where I love to look, oh, dear books, wordy and smart, such a lost art, why …
  • One Of Us Is Guilty
    *Warning! A bit scary. Only for ‘not easily scared’ crowds! Also, there are different PointOfViews! First is Robyn, Phoebe, Olive, Benjamin, Lucas, and finally, Robyn again* 5 kids: Robyn, Phoebe, Olive, Lucas, and Benjamin. A funny kid, a shy one, a bossy-boots, an adventurer, and a geek all come together… somehow. 3 murderers, 2 deaths, and 1 mystery . . …
  • How To Write A Good Story *Part 2/5*
    Okay, so now you decided on the plot, characters, setting . . . all that! Of course, sometimes, when you want to write a new story, an idea just pops into your head, and you go from there. But if you’re struggling, you can always look up some good ways, or ask me! 🙂 So, …

Best YouTube Video Of The Month

Found spontaneously by me and @monica, this funny video is almost certain to make you laugh! We hope this has helped! And if you’re a Harry Potter fan and a YouTube watcher, then this article is for you!

Best Moni G Quote Of The Month

You remember that time in my story when the hall monitor wasn’t even monitoring the halls. What kind of monitor is that?

-Moni G

Best Post Image Of The Month

FanFic of The Month

  • Dune FanFiction: Blue Nebula
    It feels so lonely here. Up here in Nep. I’m the youngest here. The penultimate to youngest is 17. And plus, he’s already a Levenbrech, so that’s cool. But, I, I’m only eleven. I don’t interact with any ‘humans.’ Whatever those are. I’m so bored. I am very blue. Blue like my planet. Blue like …

Harry Potter Quote of The Month

She needs to sort out her priorities.

– Ron Weasley to Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone

Hufflepuff Post

Press here for it!

Slytherin Post

Press here for it!

Upcoming Posts!

  • 7 Signs You’re A Gryffindor
  • 7 Signs You’re A Ravenclaw
  • Bunch of Poetry
  • 10 Most Underrepresented Harry Potter Characters
  • Harry Potter Wallpapers
  • Going Back To School
  • eBooks!
  • Ayame: Chapter 7
  • Ayame: The Whole Collection
  • The Patronus of 10 Harry Potter Characters
  • 5 Reasons Why Ron Weasley Isn’t In Hufflepuff
  • Ways To Be More Imaginative
  • Fear Is The Mind Killer

Photo of the Month

Best Comments of the Week

Most Commented-On Post

  • 7 Most Underrepresented Harry Potter Characters
    Harry Potter is known to many people worldwide. Sure, if you go to fandom.com, you’ll find that it’s one of the top fandoms. It’s a great fandom, but with a lot of underrepresented characters. Here, we’ll be over-representing them all! Here we go 🙂 1. Minerva McGonagall via GIPHY McGonagall, although mighty and caring, is …

Got Any Story Ideas? is the most commented-on post on Izzy’s Buzz, with 29 comments!

GIF of the Month


10 Latest Articles of The Month

  • 8 Stray Kids Memes
    Hello Buzzers! We’ve been posting a lot of memes at the moment and we delayed this post WAYYYY too much, so here it is! So this was requested by one of our top readers, @skz fan (SKZ = Stray Kids = Kpop Group) and I promised to post it some time ago, buuut I forgot …
  • Song of the Day / 30 July
    Hello Buzzers! There is only 1 day of July left and we’re in the middle of summmer! If you didn’t hear, we posted an eBook of Moni G’s popular ‘Back From The Grave’ which you can check out here! Anyways, enjoy today’s song! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | ENDS 1 …
  • Song of the Day / 29 July
    Hello Buzzers! July is almost over! And it’s midsummer 😀 anyways, enjoy today’s song ! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | ENDS 1 SEP I found this song in 2019 and I remember listening to it a lot, especially during quarantine, and then I lost it in one of my oooold …
  • eBook: Back From The Grave by Moni G
    Hello Buzzers!! We’re back with yeeeeet another eBook! You guys seem to like our eBooks and this story and Moni G, so here is the eBook version of her story! You can read it on this blog page or you can download it! We hope you enjoy the story!!! You can check out all our …
  • 10 Anime Memes That Made Izuku Eat Hair
    Hello everyone! Today is only 2 articles :/ sorry ! I’m going to go visit a castle! I’ll update don’t worry :p Soooo, since you guys seem to like memes a lot (I posted some Harry Potter memes yesterday if you wanna check those out!) 1. What a coincidence- 2. Me when holidays are announced: …
  • Song of the Day / 28 July
    Hello Buzzers!! Today we have yet another great song! I try to add my absolute favourite songs on here so I hope you enjoy them! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | ENDS 1 SEP I like songs that give me ‘ 90s anime vibes’, it feels like nostalgia for something I …
  • Announcement: Izzy’s Buzz ‘Song of the Day’ Playlist!
    Hello Buzzers!!! Welcome to the 3rd article of today! The reason I’m highlighting that is because I usually post 1-2 articles per day, but I want to write a lot today and it’s raining outside so here you go! I wanted to post this with the ‘Song of the Day’ (aka SOTD) but I decided …
  • 12 Harry Potter Memes That Made Draco A Hufflepuff
    Hello Buzzers! Since it’s the holidays and we could all do with some memes and HP content, here you go! This title might confuse you but it’s meant to be a bit of a title that’s different from what we usually do, I see a lot of people titling their articles/videos like this so I …
  • Song of the Day / 27 July
    Hellooo Buzzers, we’re close to the end of the month and almost in August! We’re still in France and having fun :D, how are your holidays going? SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | ENDS 1 SEP Everglow’s debut song! It was Aisha’s birthday not too long ago and they also had …
  • Song of the Day / 26 July
    Hello hello hello everyone!!! Today we have yet another song!! Aaaand today is the release of D.O’s new album!!! Go check it out!! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | ENDS 1 SEP This is probably one of my FAVOURITE songs from BTS. I loved the album art, I find it super …

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Moni G laughed very hard at that.

Izzy’s Buzz Post Calendar

This is a calendar. An Izzy’s Buzz calendar, every day we posted is coloured, and if you see a line under it, you can go to the posts on that day.

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Tertiary Updates

  1. School is back at it again
  2. ebooks are coming to Izzy’s Buzz!
  3. We are drawing HP fan art!
  4. Izzy’s Buzz Book Club is running again
  5. New chapters of stories are coming soon!
  6. Moni G is writing fanfiction!

Auxiliary Updates

  1. We might start DIYs at Izzy’s Buzz
  2. We’ll be posting memes
  3. We can do a Meme DIY?
  4. We have an Izzy’s Buzz Instagram account
  5. We’ll be making more quizzes and interactive stuffs.

Just plain futile updates

  1. Moni G has HP Funko Pops!
  2. We are starting to write in a more blog-ish way but also sticking to our original writing style.
  3. We recommend ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’
  4. Our favourite character is Hal. Full stop.
  5. We have a new About Us bio!

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We Lied…


Happy 2021, Buzzers!

-From TheBuzzTeam


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