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How To Make A Harry Potter Playlist

If you’ve seen our previous Harry Potter playlist article and the upcoming ones (well, you haven’t seen them of course, but they’re coming!) then you might want to make your own Harry Potter-themed playlist. It’s pretty simple to make one but we thought we’d give a small guide to anyone looking for it! Without further …

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8 Harry Potter Playlists Guaranteed To Interest Potterheads

If you’re an avid Potterhead, there’s a high chance you’ve looked for Harry Potter playlists at least once or twice. At least. But…look no more! We’ve rounded up a small bunch of 10 Harry Potter playlists for you to enjoy anywhere…with Wi-Fi. Also, we’ll be posting a bunch of other articles pertaining to ‘character playlists’ …

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7 Most Underrepresented Harry Potter Characters

Harry Potter is known to many people worldwide. Sure, if you go to, you’ll find that it’s one of the top fandoms. It’s a great fandom, but with a lot of underrepresented characters. Here, we’ll be over-representing them all! Here we go 🙂 1. Minerva McGonagall via GIPHY McGonagall, although mighty and caring, is …