Harry Potter is known to many people worldwide. Sure, if you go to fandom.com, you’ll find that it’s one of the top fandoms. It’s a great fandom, but with a lot of underrepresented characters. Here, we’ll be over-representing them all! Here we go 🙂

1. Minerva McGonagall


McGonagall, although mighty and caring, is underrepresented and not shown enough. She did an awful lot to help Harry and always tries her best. She can be serious and have a bit of fun from time to time (i.e. when she used the spell for the moving statue army in Deathly Hallows Part II) but all in all she’s caring and wants nothing more than to protect her students.

2. Nymphadora Tonks


Nymphadora, although she has helped Harry, is not shown enough. She has a great personality and her character seems fascinating. Plus, in the GIF, you can see her hair changing color according to her mood, which is something that could interest many people. Nymphadora probaby only has a couple of minutes of screen time in the movies, too

3. Luna Lovegood


Although Luna is an overall kind, gentle and pretty eccentric character, she is not shown that much, and when she talks, it is mainly to accentuate her eccentricity, not to show her ‘true colours’, what I mean is that, to show that she has a heart larger than her…um…eccentricity. That makes little sense.

4. Neville Longbottom


Although he’s portrayed as a weak wimp in the first movie(s), he was put in Gryffindor, which almost practically guarantees that he is brave, but that is only shown in the last few movies (not Order of the Phoenix, though.) He is shown in every movie, and even my mother agrees that he could’ve been in the Golden Trio…Quadro.

5. Ollivander


Although Ollivander is a big part of the story because he gets everyone’s wands and stuff, he is shown very little. If it weren’t for him, most of the things and defeats wouldn’t have happened. It’s all down to the wands, and no matter how much of a big part he played, he is still underrepresented in the HP universe.

6. Susan Bones


Frankly, I don’t think Susan talks at least once, sure, she’s shown at least twice or three times, but other than that, she could have been a friendly side character. Plus, we need to see more Hufflepuffs. Sure, we had Newt, Cedric and Sprout, but Susan would have been pretty interesting and a good addition.

7. Sybill Trelawney


Trelawney is an extremely enrapturing character, so many of her traits should be shown more and her character could even have a spin-off. Her whole Divination thing is rather questionable which makes it all the more engrossing. When she got kicked out by Umbridge, it could’ve shown what she did after. And her ‘adventures.’ But she was pretty interesting and her ‘aura’ had some traits as eccentric as Luna’s.

Is there anyone else that you believe was underrepresented? Maybe Dean Thomas? Seamus Finnigan? Bill Weasley? Fleur DeLaCour?

Tell us in the comments 🙂 We’d be glad to discuss HP!


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