If you’ve seen our previous Harry Potter playlist article and the upcoming ones (well, you haven’t seen them of course, but they’re coming!) then you might want to make your own Harry Potter-themed playlist. It’s pretty simple to make one but we thought we’d give a small guide to anyone looking for it!

Without further ado, let’s play some music!

1. Find a place to make a playlist

Find a place to make your playlist, we’d recommend Spotify and Deezer, but YouTube could also work. Maybe you have your own alternatives that we don’t know of and those could work, too! Other alternatives like Soundcloud, Apple Music, Pandora and Amazon Music might work too, you can comment on your preferred alternative, if you want.

2. Find the ‘sub-theme’ of your playlist

Since the main theme is ‘Harry Potter’ a sub-theme would be like those pictured above. Maybe you’ll choose to do ‘reading’ or ‘meditation’ or ‘adventure’ or ‘__________’s playlist’ etc etc. Just a few ideas. If you don’t have an idea, you can just search up ‘harry potter playlists on the website/app you use for music and a lot of stuff and ideas will pop up.

3. Research

Research some Harry Potter music. Be it the soundtracks or what kind of music each character would listen to (this Reddit thread might help) so that you could get a better idea of what it could be like. You can use this playlist and this one too for inspiration. But I don’t really recommend using the exact same songs as the playlist you are getting inspired by, though :).

4. Add some songs

Now that the other stuff is done, add some songs! If you want to share your playlist with the world (or…yknow…all the people on the website you’re using!) then make it public. Try listening to your playlist a bit to see how it sounds and if the songs go well together.

Actually it isn’t that hard to make a playlist, it depends on the theme. And if you believe that Hermione listens to metal, Harry to lo-fi, Ron to pop or whatever, then that’s your opinion and it’s your playlist, so you should be able to put whatever you want in it.

Happy playlisting, Buzzers!

We hope this guide has helped 🙂


TheBuzz Team


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      1. Ohhhh well originally no XDXD but now yessssss it’s great ambience and I’ve shared it with my HPotterhead friends and they like it 😀 any HP articles comin up?

        1. Yello Luna! Welcome back, Lovegood! Been enjoying your Quibblers? (By the way, we might make a How-To Quibbler article soon!) Yeah, the original soundtrack is legitimate and ergo provides for ACTUAL, realistic HP vibes. I’m glad they like it! Making playlists is kinda fun 😛 Oh yeah, a bunch of HP articles! As aforementioned, very probably a Quibbler How-To one as we had trouble ourselves and found it a great idea to help fellow Potterheads to do so, maybe some Ron articles (as per requested by your Highness Moni G) maybe some multiple character ones? Kinda depends. If there are any you recommend, we’re open! We’ll be focusing on some specific topics at the moment so it won’t solely be HP but you can count on more HP posts, for sure!

    1. Hey Lune (which means moon in French, in case you didn’t know) oh nice! If you’d like to share the link, feel free to! I’ll hyperlink it if you want, too. Yeah, Luna Lovegood is a great character, too bad she wasn’t shown enough.

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