If you’re a weeb or just an avid user of r/goodanimemes or like Reddit in general (cuz simply going on Reddit will almost guarantee you finding out about the animemes subreddit) you might enjoy laughing and looking at animemes, and thus, as every weeb and person should be able to laugh at a good animeme, here is a small package of twelve to hopefully brighten up, or somewhat, your day.

We found these memes on r/goodanimemes and embedded them here, they aren’t ours. We also found some on memedroid and we made some too : D We’ll specify which is which.

1. Shounen For Life

Link above

2. Todorokis For Sale!

(We made this one ourself.)

3. But it was only 43 years…

4. Definitely L

5. Yeah but I mean it’s $2 more online…

6. Yep. It really doesn’t.

Press here for link.

7. You know…those lame inspiration mantras…etc…etc…


8. Tortilla-Shaped Head



9. He probably misses you


10. Rokitodo


11. Gotta watch enough shonen to know, I guess…


12. Troll


Well avid animemers! We hope you’ve enjoyed this small article of 12 animemes : D If you would like a Part 2, tell us in the comments.

Also, we’ll be posting some Assassination Classroom, HxH, Haikyuu + more articles soon, so we hope you enjoy those too, weebs :p!


TheBuzz Team


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  1. Hello! Can you please do a Part 2? And like around 15-20 memes? I love memes and these ones are cool so a part 2 would be great! Thanks!

    1. Hello Froppy ;P Yeah, we can surely do a Part 2! We have a couple of ideas in mind (one being a podcast and ebooks) so it might take a while but we’ll try our best! We’re also currently working on some other articles. And you might be pleased to know (from your username) that some of them are My Hero Academia themed : D We’ll also be having a Weeb Discussions area : D

    1. Hello Dorky Todo : D We’re having a lot of UA students come here aren’t we (see: previous comment) along with a bunch of Hogwarts ones! Yeah, we’ll definitely do a Part 2 as soon as possible! YEET! We’re currently working on some other stuff so it might take a while but we might even be able to post it later today! Enjoy Izzy’s Buzz Tododorki!

          1. Yeah snakes can be pretty cool (as long as they aren’t Horcruxes…) Part 2 is probably coming out today or tomorrow!

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