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Hello Buzzers! How have you guys been? Recently we posted just a small amount of articles, including a playlist one, some animemes, and some username ideas. Soon, we’ll have blog posts (which is the web theme that this website originated as), more anime stuff, maybe even a podcast and some more articles :p

If you scroll down, you’ll find an embedded version of Moni G’s original eBook, you can also get the original version here. And Moni G has also recently posted Volume 2, which has not yet been adapted into an eBook form but will soon! So here is the eBook you guys have been waiting for. Also press on any word in this sentence to read Book 2 of Adopted As A Vlogger.

Adopted as a Vlogger- eBook Version by Neptune

So? What did you guys think? Do you prefer normal formats or eBook formats? Let us know in the comments so we can improve : D At first it might be hard to read it because of the arrows, but it will work different on different devices but if this becomes an issue and disables you from reading then either try the eBook version (link above) or comment :P.

Thanks for reading and me and Moni G sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed it!


TheBuzz Team


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  1. Hi Izzy! Hi Moni! Woah! I love this ! Moni should be an author! I haven’t been writing again! (This is Bobo with a new name) I have my “end of term tests” coming up but I’ll always take some time on Izzysbuzz.com! You guys are awesome! I would love to work with you guys if you’d like! Woo! I really am a chatterbox! I love all Moni’s stories, I read then like 24/7 unless I found a book to read! Oki Bay! My zuper homies!

    1. Hi Bee! How are you? Yeah Moni really should!! Oh best of luck for your tests, I’ve also been having a lot of tests at the moment so it can get annoying :/ Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying Izzy’s Buzz!! Feel free to come here and chat whenever you feel like it and we’ll try to reply and update as much as we can, too : D You’re awesome too, Bee!!! Yeah it’d be cool if we could work together, we could write an article on your aforementioned fanart if you want too and if you have any article requests feel free to reply with them or email us! Yeah Moni’s stories are GREAT! There’s a distinct personal style that comes with it which makes it all the more interesting to read! See ya :p

  2. I have a question for y’all! What was the last book you read? Mine was “Hard Time” by Charles Dickens and I’m currently read “A series of unfortunate events, The Reptile Room,book the second” by Lemony Snicket!

    1. Heyo Bee! The last book I read was probably ‘Weathering With You’ by Makoto Shinkai 🙂 Ooh, ASOUE is really good, Moni has the whole collection and I also think she finished it all! Any books you recommend?

  3. wow that was really good! i’m new here and this is the first thing i see and it’s really good; i’ll definitely look at more articles and stories here! 🙂

    1. Welcome itsyegurl^!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it, we’re thinking of doing more eBook versions of some of our stories 🙂 You can even download them and read them offline :p! Hope you enjoy your time here 🙂

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