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Kpop fans are really lucky this month, and they were last month too, we got an NCT Dream comeback with all 7 members, an Aespa comeback, a BTS one, an Enhypen one and the list goes on, you can check them all out here, too.

This month, fans are really lucky, ONCE again (badum-tss.) Today we’ll be compiling all the comebacks that are due this month in a short article 🙂

1. MONSTA X – June 1st – Gambler

A mini-album from the six-member group

Fandom name: Monbebe

2. MAMAMOO – June 2nd – WAW

An album from the quad

Fandom name: MOOMOO

3. EXO – June 7 – Don’t Fight The Feeling

After 2 years, they are BAAAAACK with an album, they even made a game for it, you can play it here.

Fandom name: EXO-L

4. TWICE – June 11 – Taste of Love

Fans really liked their last comeback, so their hopes are high for this one, they’ve already uploaded the ‘first tasting’ of the album on YouTube.

Fandom name: ONCE

5. BAMBAM – June 15 – Ribbon

After leaving (with GOT7) JYP, BamBam is releasing a solo album!!

6. ONEWE – June 16 – Planet 9: Alter Ego

Their first mini album !

Fandom name: WEVE

7. SEVENTEEN – June 18 – Your Choice

Their newest mini-album

Fandom Name: Carat

8. LOONA – June 28 – &

Their last comeback was Oct 2020, so they’re suprising everyone with a new one!

Fandom Name: Orbit

That’s all for this months kpop announcments, oh and by the way, NCT Dream sold more than a million albums!

That’s all, if you have any questions or news you want to share, feel free to tell us in the comments!!

Have a great day and here’s a groovy cat for good luck:


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  1. Oh yeah, we forgot to add that NCT DREAM is releasing another album called ‘Hello Future’ on June 28th and BTS will be releasing an album on an unannounced date! Also, on the 4th of June NCT 127 released their Amoeba Culture collaboration ‘Save’ and the 14th of January is Taeil (NCT) and Tzuyu (TWICE) ‘s bdays! 🙂

    That’s all the updates 🙂

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