Hello Buzzers!! Sorry we were gone for so long :/

With school and other stuff we didn’t have much time, and this is one of the last free weekends before the start of test month. Starting from Sunday we’ll have a lot of tests, so it might be harder to update, which is why we’ve chosen today to try to post as much as we can, reply to everyone, moderate everything and just update everything. School’s almost over and by then we’ll be able to update much more! Anyways, we apologize for the long “hiatus” without posts and hope we can make it up to you by posting a lot today :))

By the way, feel free to recommend article ideas down in the comments, or contact us!

We know for a fact that Moni is working on a lot of different articles at the moment, she’s teaching you guys how to write a good story and writing a bunch of good stories simultaneously! We’ll link those stories in the comments, too :))

Today we’ll be writing a mixture of wallpaper, GIF, quiz, kpop, anime, book posts and maybe even poetry, so be sure to check all those out 🙂 Also, stream ‘Hot Sauce’ :p


Firstly, we want to update you guys on everything.

So this month is a big month for a lot of people, it’s Pride Month, too! It’s the month for EXO’s new comeback ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ out on 7th June 6pm KST, after 2 years, LOONA’s comeback ‘&’ out on the 28th of June and TWICE’S ‘Taste of Love’ out on June 11th, we’ll write about other kpop happenings in another post 🙂

We’ve been watching HXH (Hunter x Hunter) and are only on the second season, but so far it’s pretty good! Are there any animes that you enjoy watching or recommend?

Also, Valorant is a REALLY GOOD game, sometimes you can get kinda trashy teammates but overall it is GREAT- I’ve also tried Osu! and it’s really good. Me and Moni have also gone back to Duolingo and we’re learning multiple languages, it’s really fun especially with ranks and all 🙂




It’s a Newtonian telescope with 127mm! You can see from far away with A LOT of detail, but since there’s a lot of light pollution where I live you can’t see any stars or that much, of course, you can still see the moon, but in the few days that I had my telescope, I didn’t have a chance to see the moon yet, just the sky and some houses lol

BUUUUUUUUT, if I do get a chance to see something cool, I will definitely take a picture and show you guys!

I also have a lot of memes saved on here

this is you guys right now:

Hehe jkjkjk

I have A LOT more saved so I will definitely put them in a post(s)!!

Anyways, that’s all for the big updates, I’ll most probably put more in another post, and link it in the comments 🙂

If you have any questions, recommendations or ideas feel free to tell us in the comments 🙂


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