If you’ve heard, TWICE has recently released their 10th mini album ‘Taste of Love’ it has kind of ‘beachy-vacation’ vibes, which is ideal since school’s almost over! The title track ‘Alcohol-Free’ already has 50million+ views on its 3rd day! There are some great songs on the album – you should go check it out! Plus, the second song ‘First Time’ was written by Jihyo herself, and Tzuyu even commented on how fair the line distribution was!

You should go check it out! (here) They also performed it on the Ellen Show. Even on Music Bank!

By the way, how has your week been going? We’ve been having tests so we’re under a bit of stress, but we revised and we’ll study more later so we’re less stressed 🙂

1. Best title ever

2. SEVENTEEN comeback June 18!

3. Lee Minho

4. Lol

5. Chaeyong supremacy



8. Us at school:


10. Next episode

Anyways, that’s all the memes for today! Don’t forget to check out their new album, you won’t regret it! We’ll update more today, too, don’t worry! You can also check our other posts with memes, like this anime one! If you have any questions or recommendations feel free to contact us or ask us in the comments!


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        1. Woohoo! That’s really cool! I’m glad everything is going well for you, Karen! We’re also doing pretty good! We’re in France for the holiday and it’s raining a lot lol! no problemo! Feel free to request articles!

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