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wEEEEElcome back to a new Izzy’s Buzz article! This isn’t a large, extraordinary one, it’s just a week announcement one, just to keep updated with what’s going on this week in the Buzzworld 🙂

FIRSTLY- we have A LOT to unpack

Yes yes we know it’s only been a week but a lot of stuff has happened


ANYWAYS, we should get to it before you get tired of these meme breaks

1. Tests

This week, we had a lot of tests, we didn’t update AT ALL during the weekdays because of tests and other things :/ so today we’ve decided to post as much as we could! Including unpublished drafts etc etc 🙂 We had to study a lot for tests so we didn’t have as much time as we usually would. At least we finished our core exams! Plus we have 2 more weeks of exams and 3 more weeks of school and then BAM! holidays!!!


MONSTA X HAD THEIR NEW COMEBACK ‘GAMBLER’ LAST WEEK- it already has 30M+ views in the span of a week and they even performed on multiple shows 🙂 woooooooohooooo


MAMAMOO released ‘Where Are We’ or WAW, a slow, ballad-like album for MooMoos, it’s really nice for people who like calm music and MAMAMOO !!


After 2 years, EXO is back with D.O, Kai, Baekhyun, Xiumin, Lay and Sehun. Their album broke records, they even sold 1.2m+ albums before the album itself was released, the album also trended #1 in 40+ countries!


Yesterday (June 11th 2021) TWICE released their 10th mini album ‘Taste of Love’ with ‘Alcohol-Free’ as the title track, the music video has already amassed 50M+ views in the span of 3 days!


THERE ARE EVEN MORE KPOP COMEBACKS THIS MONTH, you can check them allll out here! Be sure to check the comments of that post as there are more updates there too!

This Month’s Articles!

  • S1EP3: Back to school (+music!) (blog post #3)
    Heyo Buzzers! How have you guys been? I’ve been in school for (almost) the whole day with the Tokyo Ghoul opening stuck in my head, hehe 🙂 It’s been a really nice day! I’ll soon get my own lockers, and we’re not a big class so that’s all really cool! Buuuut, enough about me, how …
  • Song of the Day / 30 Aug
    Hey guys! Today was the first day of the second year of middle school, so I’ll be posting some back to school ~stuff~ prettyyy soon ! Also, if you didn’t notice Moni G released one of her lo-fi songs yesterday!! It’s reallyyy good, you can check it out on the link above 🙂 Here is …
  • S1EP2: Pre-end of holidays (blog post #2)
    Hello! While I’m waiting to eat, I decided to pack my bag for school and then write a bit ! So technically this is my last day of 2021 summer holiday, so I wanted to celebrate by writing a small article before! It might be a bit short because I have to go soon, but …
  • Song of the Day / 29 Aug
    Heyo! You probably already know, but we’re starting school tomorrow :/ soooo we’ve decided to add in a song we REALLY REALLY like to brighten things up! Enjoy ( ͡❛ ▿ ͡❛) SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY UNTIL 1 SEP | BEING UPDATED At the moment, I’ve been listening to this song A LOT, it’s …

This Month’s Top Comments

(me realizing I comment too much)

It’s still just the afternoon, meaning we have time to study, watch TV, read and write more articles! We won’t be able to update this week because of some important exams, but we’ll write posts today and schedule them for this week so we don’t give you 0 articles again. Last time we had the idea of scheduling posts but then we forgot, but since there’s a lot of stuff this week, and we have more time today, we’ll do that 🙂

(here’s a cool gif I found :)))

GIFs Of The Week


That’s all the updates for this week! If you have more interesting things to tell us that happened this week, feel free to email us or tell us in the comments!

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