Hello Harry Potterheads ;p and yello yello yello, welcome to yet another Harry Potter playlist article! You might’ve seen our previous one, the Hermione one or our other one on some HP-themed playlists. Anyways, most of them are centered around Harry Potter in general, and we mean the franchise, the whole thing, not the character, yeparoo.

ALSO, we didn’t make any of these playlists. Credits to the original makers (if you press on the playlists you can see who made them.)



1. Golden Trio Era

2. Golden Trio Vibes

3. Golden Trio

4. Harry Potter Playlist

5. Songs to listen to while reading Harry Potter

6. Reading HP

7. Hermione study playlist

8. Luna Lovegood (this playlist has 15K likes wow)

9. Ravenclaw Tower

10. HP Ambience

AAAAAAAAnd that’s all the HP playlists for today! We hope you’ve found your pick! We’ve made even more Harry Potter articles here, and there are even more playlist articles there!!


TheBuzz Team


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  1. We hope you’ve enjoyed these playlists! If there are any of your Harry Potter playlists you’d like to share, feel free to tell us in the comments 🙂 also feel free to request for articles 🙂

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