Hello Buzzers! How are you guys! You seem to really like our HP articles, so here’s another one, this was heavily requested, especially by Moni G!

Ron Weasley is known as the often clueless, a bit dramatic person in the ‘golden trio’ but he has shown quite a few Hufflepuff ‘symptoms’ over the movies and books, ergo, why isn’t he in Hufflepuff? You can also check out our article about why Hermione isn’t in Ravenclaw! Also, feel free to request articles here 🙂

Here’s why:

1. You can kinda choose your house (in a way)


Harry pretty much begged not to be in Slytherin and since Gryffindor was a possibility, there he was! The Sorting Hat could sense that Ron badly wanted to be in Gryffindor with his brothers, amongst the fact that he shared many Gryffindor traits with successful Gryffindors, and maybe, somehow the Sorting Hat knew that Ron had to be with Hermione and Harry for things to go okay, maybe he knew that without one of them, everything would collapse (even more! 😉

2. He has more Gryffindor traits than he has Hufflepuff


Even he is confused! 😉 If he’s in Gryffindor, it probably means his Gryffindor traits are stronger than his Hufflepuff ones. If you check out why Hermione wasn’t in Ravenclaw, you might know a bit more, but it’s not a must, so don’t worry! Also, he was ‘destined’ to be in Gryffindor, if destiny exists…Anyways, there’s probably a reason why Ron is in Gryffindor, and we’ll have to ask JK Rowling, too.

3. Chance


If you read this article, it should give you a more in-depth idea of Hufflepuffs. But anyways, if ‘destiny’ exists and if something really is meant to be, then that could be a reason why Ron Weasley was in Gryffindor. Maybe The Sorting Hat predicted the future and knew that putting Ron in Gryffindor would end well. *shrugs*

4. Plot


The story would have definitely changed if Ron had been in Hufflepuff, for the sake of the plot, it would make more sense to put him in Gryffindor, plus it would have been harder for Harry and Ron to grow close if they were from different houses, especially considering house-exclusive things, them being different houses might have even make them grow apart.

5. Basically, logic


Hufflepuff is the house of loyalty before other traits, and if I’m being honest, Ron isn’t so loyal, he deserted Harry and Hermione when they needed him most, which isn’t very loyal, he’s obviously a very salient part of the golden trio but if anyone was to leave the trio first, it’d probably be Ron, which isn’t very ‘Hufflepuff-y.’

What do you guys think? Feel free to disagree and tell us in the comments 🙂

(please avoid saying hurtful/negative stuff!)




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