Hello Buzzers!! And welcome back! Since you know how much we like writing interviews, here’s a new one! We previously had one with Moni G, you can check that one out here! Kari is my mom, and I’m really close with her, she does a lot of cool things, so today I’ll be interviewing her!

(FYI, we’ll be calling Kari ‘K’ to show who’s talking, Izzy will be ‘I’ i.e:

I: How are you?

K: I’m okay!)

Leeeet’s get started with the interview!

I: Hi Kari! Are you excited for this interview?

K: I am very excited! I’m also scared, not knowing what to expect!

I: Good to hear! Also, don’t be scared, we’re very chill here 🙂 Let’s get started with the questions!

Question 1: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

K: I love painting, dogs, random dogs, cute dogs, I enjoy cooking with my Thermomix, I love working and I also enjoy exercising and yoga at the beach.

I: Ooh, that is all very cool!

Question 2: Do you write articles on Izzy’s Buzz/Would you want to?

K: Ooh! I’ve never written any but it’d be an honor to write one for you! As a parent, I’d love to see what your readers enjoy reading and to write an article for them!

Question 3: What’s your favourite Izzy’s Buzz article?

K: I like the stories and also the book recommendations, as well as the songs, and the playlists!

Question 4: What’s your favourite colour?

K: Well actually I love colours in general, but I do have phases where I like some colours more than others.

Question 5: What’s your favourite animal?

K: Dogs, I love dogs and I’m just waiting for one, I’d love to adopt one! I also like birds, and the way they chirp, I also like dolphins. My favourite is dogs, then would be birds, and then dolphins.

Question 6: What’s your favourite food?

K: Oooh, I have 2! My favourite would be Indian food and then Thai food. I love vegetarian food and I love green curry in both cuisines.

Question 7: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

K: Well, I see myself in a beach house with a lot of white sand, coastal-style, retiring as a CEO…

Question 8: What are you most proud of?

K: Aw, my daughters, they are so loving, kind and funny 🙂

I: Aww thank you so much! You’re an amazing mom!

K: Awwwwww, love you!

Question 9: What do you think of yourself?

K: Hmmm, I think that I am a fair person, who loves helping others and who has a lot to give without expecting a lot in return. What can I do? I’m an INFJ! *lol*

Question 10: Where are you from? What’s your favourite place there?

K: I’m from France! And my favourite place there is La Coulee Verte in Paris!

Question 11: What are your biggest strengths?

K: I think I’m a pretty chill parent, I’m pretty caring with people, resilient and I’m creative!

Question 12: Do you have a motto? If not, why not? If so, why have you chosen that one?

K: Ooh, hmmm, ‘Don’t worry be happy!’ I’ve always loved the song and it’s always been my motto!

Question 13: Anything else you’d like to add?

K: I think you guys do a great job on your website, and I’m very proud of you guys! And please Buzzers don’t forget to stay safe, stay healthy, eat well, be happy and do not forget your hand sani!!!

Thank you Kari for participating in our interview and thank you Buzzers for reading!

(by the way, Kari chose the cover image! She really likes palm trees 🙂

Happy holidays 🙂


Izzy and Kari


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  1. heyooo I’ve been online a lot at the moment so I’m glad u guys have more articles! yayyy thank you for this great interview! I really liked it! thank you Kari! ☺️

    1. Heyooo! Ooh I’m also glad we’ve been posting lol it’s really fun and you guys are happy! 🙂 hehe I’m glad!

      1. heyo heyo lol thanks for the posts! i like harry potter AND books so thx for the posts! i also rlly like skz (stray kids) so can i ask for 12 stray kids memes? thx!! yess im really happy! summmeerrrr

        1. Heyooo! Anytime! Ooh me too hehe, no worries, we try our best! Lol, I’m also a big fan of Stray Kids, and I’m anticipating a comeback maybe soon! Sure, I’ll deliver ! I’ll probably post it tomorrow or after tomorrow! And i’ll tell you when I’ve posted it! Yayyyy summer!

          Update: I already found 9 memes !

          1. thanks! me toooo! I’m really excited! I really liked their latest mixtape! thank you ! ahhh I’m so excited! I like skz AND memes so yay!

  2. sooooo smart bringing parents into your website! I think that’s very important for some older readers or viewers who can relate! lol if I asked my mom she’d be like, “YOU HAVE A WEBSITE??” And I’d say, “never mind,”
    And she’d go, “what do you post? who reads it? Are you famous? Do you get money from it?”
    Aghhhhh parents 🥲

    1. aHSDHJDHUASJIFKDHIDU Thank you VERY much, it means a lot 😀 Yeah! We mainly have readers in our age group, which is 9-15, but I’m pretty sure we have some adult readers as well! Lol hehe, some adults are like that! DJFJDFHFU lol, you’re really funny Karen 😄

  3. wait i have an idea-

    ok so what if you made like a song to listen to for each article, based on what the article was about.

    for example, for an anime article you could put like an anime mashup/remix/song
    for kpop you can put a kpop group (coughstraykidscough)
    for space/science you can put like bjork or like some space-y kind of futuristic music!!

    tell me if you’re going to use my idea/if you like it! i’d love to see that! btw could you make some July updates?

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