So, today, dear Buzzers, I present to you my first poetry here on Izzy’s Buzz as an INFP :^

Of course, it will be for my love of books 😀

Books, dear books,

that I keep on my nook,

where I love to look,

oh, dear books,

wordy and smart,

such a lost art,

why have you been replaced?

With electronics and devices so two-faced,

oh, dear books,

you do not deserve this,

why do I miss,

the dear art of writing,

how long have you been fighting?

Oh dear books,

those that thou dare to forget,

those that thy will regret,

oh dear books,

you have left me on my lonesome,

I should have known some . . .

Oh, dear books,

what should I do,

now that you’re gone,

all alone on my lawn.

Dear books,

oh, dear books.


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  1. Hi Moni! You usually write stories so I was really surprised to see poetry :))) thank you for making this it’s really good! It really shows how much you like books lol

    thanks :DDDDD

    1. well what i mean is, thank you for making great poetry! i’d really like to see more poetry/articles from you! i’m also in the progress of making some of your books eBooks :p

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