Hello Buzzers!!! Welcome back to a new article! Since you might be feeling bored or like reading ‘things to do’ articles, maybe you’ll like this article! Last year, we made another ‘things to do’ article, which you can check out here! (keep in mind, it might be a bit cringe as it was written last year!)

Anyways, let’s start with the article!

1. Listen to a song

Listening to music is something a lot of people enjoy doing a lot, and maybe you’re one of those people too 😀 You can check out our ‘Song of the Day‘ for song recommendations, or this article! Or this anime songs article!

2. Play a board game

You can play a board game (i.e. any you have at home, or you can buy one!) or maybe even create your own !!!

3. Make a song!

#1 is listen to a song, so why not make one? There are tons of free websites that offer tools to make songs! You can even download an app, that helps you make this!




Groovepad (recommended by @monica)

4. Check out our tag cloud

(side note: this image looks kinda creepy, like a hacker movie)

So you know how there are tags for things? Well, we use tags too! We already have ‘categories’ that you can use to find similar articles, but we also use tags to make it more detailed! You can check out our tag cloud right here!

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Lol our biggest tag is probably ‘harry potter’ cuz we only found out about tags during our HP phase :p

5. Do a quiz!

We haven’t done a quiz since laaaate 2020, so it’s about time we make one! Look out at the end of this month for some quizzes (some kpop quizzes too!)

Our ‘Which Modern Family Character Are You’ quiz

Our pretty confusing quiz

Our Tv show quiz

6. Make something cool on Canva

On Canva.com, you can make a lot of cool designs, like newsletters, bday cards etc etc., it’s really efficient and fun to do, maybe you should try it out too! (not an ad, by the way)

7. Watch anime

(not our hand)

Although some people don’t like it, there are some animes that are actually really good! I like Hunter X Hunter, Haikyuu!! and Charlotte the most, and I recommend Haikyuu!! for people who like light-hearted animes, Charlotte for those who like sci-fi, HXH for those who like adventure 😀

8. Interview someone

So far, we’ve only interviewed 2 people, Moni G, our author, and Kari, my mom :p, you can check out those interviews by pressing on their names! Interviewing people is fun, and maybe you’ll find yourself a new interest, if you’d like us to (digitally) interview you, feel free to tell us in the comments!

9. Take pictures!

Like from the royalty-free websites we use for our pictures (like all the ones we used in this article) you can take pictures too! It’s fun and you can even make a career out of it ! Feel free to send us your images, we could use them in an article (with your permission of course :p)

10. Make a cringy movie

Me and Moni G like doing this a lot, we make them in our garden or around the house, and then we add some purposefully bad editing along with music that doesn’t match and it really makes a funny video 🙂 We use Splice to edit, it’s a really cool editing app!

11. Origami

I’m not very good at this but it’s still really fun, I managed to make a small container to hold some tissues. This website will help you make origami easily!

12. Learn a new language

I’m currently learning Mandarin and Spanish, along with Arabic at school 🙂 Moni G is learning Japanese, Korean and Spanish!! You can use Duolingo to learn languages easily, it’s really useful and entertaining too 😀

13. Buy an album/a record

Since there’s a lot of music (from multiple genres) being released right now, you could buy an album or a record! Maybe there’s a shop near where you live, or you could always buy from online!

14. Play games

Video games are much easier to play nowadays as you can just play them on your tablet/iPad/phone/computer, so it’s easier that way! If you wanna download some apps, here’s a list to help. I also recommend LoL: Wild Rift, it’s better on iPad than computer, too :p

15. Watch some Netflix

There are a lot of Netflix shows, so a lot to pick from ! I recommend Modern Family/Kim’s Convenience/Never Have I Ever/Start-Up/Friends! You can also find out which show you would enjoy in this quiz!!

We hope you won’t be bored this summer and that you’ll have a fun summer before back to school -_-! We’ll update you guys every few days, so make sure to check here! Hope you’ve found something to do, and if you have any other things to do this summer that you recommend, feel free to tell us in the comments!!!


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