Hello Buzzers!!! Welcome to the 3rd article of today! The reason I’m highlighting that is because I usually post 1-2 articles per day, but I want to write a lot today and it’s raining outside so here you go! I wanted to post this with the ‘Song of the Day’ (aka SOTD) but I decided to post it in a separate article, buuut I’ll probably still add it with that article and the SOTD announcement post too!

So, if you’re unsure about what we mean by the title, well technically, you’ve probably heard of our ‘Song of the Day’ there’s a new song recommend every day! We embed the song via Spotify, add it here, give commentary/a small review and then you can listen to the song and maybe find a new song you like! We go between different genres a lot (i.e. vaporwave/alt/kpop/indie/anime music etc etc) and we try to include as many artists as we can!

We made a playlists and added all the songs that we’ve included in our SOTD, in order, so from Taeyeon’s iconic ‘What Do I Call You’ to the most recent (as of 27 July 2021) ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’ by the a m a z i n g Everglow! You can listen to the song in a playlist, and try the ones you might have missed. We even have a category called ‘Song of the Day’ where you can find all the SOTD articles! Keep in mind, SOTD ends on the 1st of September, so we have a month and a few days left!! Anyways, without further ado, here is the playlist!

The playlist is made by my account (Izzy) aka 𓁿 Sage, (but you might see ‘Pixel’ written instead) the little eye is an emoji and the ‘Sage’ is my favourite Valorant agent ‘Sage’, also a herb I like and the name of one of my favourite lofi songs! By the way, I just got 1,000 followers on Spotify!! Feel free to follow me and Moni G (I forgot her account name but when I find it I’ll add it! Probably in the comments though!!) The full playlist is only 39 minutes (technically 40) and it includes all songs we’ve included so far! Whenever I publish a new song I’ll add it, so refresh everytime! You can listen to these songs separately or as a playlist and feel free to add it to your library!

Enjoy the songs!

Oh and by the way, here was the ‘Sage’ lofi song I was talking about:

Happy listening and enjoy the playlist!!



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