Hello Buzzers! There is only 1 day of July left and we’re in the middle of summmer! If you didn’t hear, we posted an eBook of Moni G’s popular ‘Back From The Grave’ which you can check out here! Anyways, enjoy today’s song!


I am A HUGE fan of Taeyeon, this album and her ‘What Do I Call You’ album were my FAVOURITES. Although ‘Fine’ was g r e a t, ‘Here I Am’ was AMAZING, I love the b-sides and this song specifically! I like the ‘dark vibes’ that make it seem more somber, I also really enjoyed the repackaged version! I also LOVED her ‘Hotel Del Luna’ OST. I love the quiet beginning of this song, and the chorus. There was something about the song that seemed so intriguing, and I really loved that the album covers also made it even more. It seemed like a story, and to be honest, I’m pretty sure it’d be a pretty interesting one!! Speaking of Taeyeon, remember the lightstick that a fan made (I’ll delve more into that in another post) I’d LOVE for it to be Taeyeon’s actual lightstick, like some fans said, it’s very ‘elegant’ and ‘chic’ and fits Taeyeon really well too! (As aforementioned, I’ll tell you more about this article separately) anyways I recommend this song x10000 and hope you’ll enjoy it!! Okay, I’ll stop fangirling and prepare tomorrow’s posts! Adios !


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