Hello Buzzers! Today is yet another day in August, and we’ve prepped a brand new song! By the way, a new story by Moni G is coming soon!!


Once upon a time, I was in my room, reading, I had just unpacked and done everything I had to do, my parents were outside, and I had eaten already. I heard some noise coming from my aunt’s room, it sounded like a pretty interesting TV show (she always watches good ones) and then! BAM! I saw she was watching ‘Never Have I Ever’ a show I had only heard about, not seen, and decided to watch it with her, just to see if I liked it and just to try it out (I try out a LOT of shows, sometimes not my thing, sometimes a new obsession, it’s just life I guess) and I did like it, I wasn’t as confused as I thought I’d be though because they disclosed things that made me understand everything better, and it isn’t exactly a ‘solve-it-before-they-do’ show. And I think it was during this episode, they played this song (at around the end.) Where I live in Dubai, I hear it on the radio when going to school ALL THE TIME, literally ALL THE TIME, and then my aunt said, ‘Ooh I really like this song!’ or something along the lines (it happened some weeks ago, sadly she went back home now :'( ) and I told her it was ‘Heat Waves’ by ‘Glass Animals, and so now, every time I think of the song, or hear it, or think of ‘Never Have I Ever’ I think of my aunt and this lil moment. And the other day, she took a screenshot of her listening to it on her phone. I guess it is the little moments that count 🙂

Thank you for reading this little story! I hope you’ll enjoy the song 😀

Happy listening 🙂

(feel free to request songs in the comments :D)


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