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Since you’re all probably bored, here are some YouTube recommendations! This title might be kind of vague, so it’s basically channel/video recommendations for this summer! In case you’re bored or just want a distraction! I know Moni G loves crack vids, so I’ll probably include some here too! If you wanna recommend a video/channel feel free to do so in the comments 😀

Stuff to know before we start:

‘crack video/channel’ = a funny video made using clips of something, edited with text, transitions, zoom-ins etc etc

none of the channels/videos are ours!

This was made some time ago (probably just a week or two maximum) so if something doesn’t work (just in case) pls tell us!

We didn’t really review/explain the recommended channels because we just want you to try them out yourselves without taking our opinions with you! Also, this was supposed to be a vague/chill article, so not heavy on text and focusing more on links/sharing cool stuff 😀



1. Vsauce

(science channel)

2. Cherryverse

(nct funny/crack video channel)

3. yep4andy

(exo funny/crack video channel)

4. Seokjin MyFeels

(bts crack/funny video channel)

5. GuCCiTae

(bts crack/funny video channel)

6. Twicechu

(twice funny/crack video channel)


(random videos, related to music)

8. yoonohmii

(nct crack/funny video channel)

9. Kookies and Cream

(kpop funny video channel)

10. Kurzgesagt

(science/information channel)

11. TheBackyardScientist

(science/experiments channel)

12. Veritasium

(science channel)

13. Physics Girl

(science channel)


1. NCT funny vido by cherryverse

My sister (Moni G) loves watching videos like this, they’re funny, they pass time, and most of the time, they’re short (around 5-11mins) I don’t really watch YouTube, but if I do, then it’s probably for school :'( or a really funny video! (Cat compilations and satisfying compilations are amongst the things I watch while laying down on the living room couch.) Anyways, I didn’t watch this video, so I can’t really review it, or say much about it, apart from ‘NCT are crackheads. Go stan.’ – every NCTzen. Even the thumbnail seems full of funny things happening, anyways, enjoy !

2. EXO funny video by yep4andy

I didn’t watch this either (sorry :/) but the thumbnail seems like something that happens between my friends lololol. The thumbnails should give you a PERFECTLY ACCURATE idea of what EXO is like (Kai and Suho laughing the back, Baekhyun with the sassy comments, Chanyeol being Chanyeol and the floor not being the ceiling.) Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to tell us what you think!

3. idk

Don’t judge me. I didn’t watch this either but if I decided to use 2 minutes of my time to watch something like this for purely entertainment, then so be it, I see a LOT of videos like this and honestly, it just seems like a few minutes of your time for some bizarre entertainment, why not!

Moni G’s review:

Really nice 😀

4. Very very interesting stuff

I used to watch Vsauce A LOT, almost all of their videos, along with Kurzgesagt, but sadly, I don’t anymore, I just don’t find the time!! Although it is the holidays, there’s still a lot of stuff to do, plus, my dad gave me this big book (in French) called a ‘Cahier de Vacances’ where I have to do some stuff and every day I have to do 5 pages, and as of today I haven’t done any as I mainly been focusing on doing my hair and working on Izzy’s Buzz. *shrugs* maybe I should get around to it…

5. Seems interesting!

Who knows…maybe it’ll be interesting!!

6. VERY GOOD VIDEO (watched it during lunch at school, 100/10)

I love this channel SO MUCH, I tried watching this with my mom but she got uninterested pretty quickly so I just went back to watching a pro playing Cyberpunk 2077 (sadly, my parents don’t let me play it, i cri) I love the way it’s drawn and would LOVE to be able to make something this cool! (Maybe in the future!!) This explains ‘optimistic nihilism’ in a great form. It’ll teach you more about what it is, using bright colours and designs pleasing to the eyes. From the thumbnail you can even tell it’ll be interesting!! Maybe I’ll make a post about Optimistic Nihilism….

7. Seems cool to me 😀

very interesting, lots of nostalgia. I recommend ! (not much to review apart from ‘the nostalgia is f e l t deeply.)

Anyways, those are alllll the YT recommendations I have for today, I don’t really watch YT, unless it’s in the living room with my sister or as aforementioned, but I still hope you’ll enjoy at least one of these recommendations! If you wanna recommend anything feel free to do so in the comments!

If this article was boring or bad, we apologize, this was a side article while we worked on our main article, so we hope you’ve enjoyed at least 1 thing and that you weren’t too bored by reading it, we promise to post more engaging articles with more stuff in them 🙂


TheBuzz Team


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