Hello Buzzers! Today is yet another day in the Izzy’s Buzz world and we have yet another song!


I was searching desperately for new Grimes songs and found this g e m. I don’t really watch SS and I just know The Joker and the infamous Harley Quinn (of whom I really really liked when I was younger, around 7 years old, I even had a small blog with nothing on it that had Harley Quinn pictures, which were mainly chibi versions, and I also have a small chibi Harley Quinn plushie), so I know a bit about Harley Quinn but not much about SS itself, but if my parents allow me, I might even go out to see it. Speaking of old blogs, I used to have a small, very messy Wix blog and now I’ve evolved and have a cleaner design and a blog with its own domain!! So I liked blogging for a looong time, is what I mean :p Anyways, back to the song, it’s a really good song, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Grimesian (because it’s not because you’re a fan that you like ALL of their songs) it’s actually really nice!! I didn’t understand what was being said because the background music overpowered the vocals, but after a few listens I understood really well (that was kinda useless information but just so you know, I guess!) Anyways, if you like stuff with heavy guitar playing and some singing in the background, you’ll enjoy this one! I guess that’s all I have to say about it…oh and by the way, I’ll try to include more genres in my SOTD (maybe some indie, some pop, some heavy metal perhaps? I dunno, I’ll see! I listen to a lot of different genres but I just put music I’ve listened to most recently and things I really like, sooo I’ll just try to branch out more is all.

Enjoy !




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