Hello Buzzers! We finally have a brannnd new Izzy’s Buzzz story by Moni G! Woo-hoo! This one is a bit different compared to other story and doesn’t have a definitive plot, so it might flow a bit differently given it’s a bit experimental 😀

Enjoy !

Word count: 1709

“Hey, what’s up?” Georgi smiles as she pops up behind me.

Her usual silvery pink hair isn’t in a ponytail or untied, it’s in space buns. It actually looks really nice on her.

“You okay?” She asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yep! You? I see you’ve changed your hairstyle,” I raise my eyebrows as it means two things.

One, she found it online.

Two, she’s trying to impress someone.

Probably a mix.

“I’m fine,” she shrugs. “I’ve changed it because it looks amazing on me,” she fake-flips her hair because there’s no more ponytail.

“You’re not wrong,” I reply, and we start walking to our usual ice cream store.

Georgi’s other best friend, Sydney, who I’m trying to befriend, works there.

She always looks tired and speaks in a monotone. I’m surprised that there are an extreme amount of people who come.

Well, the ice cream is exceptional.

But, today, something’s off.

Sydney’s there, yes, but her usual tired expression isn’t. She’s half smiling, still looking kind of tired though, and when I hear her take someone’s order, there’s no monotone; just a perky voice that’s too energetic for my liking.

Just kidding. It suits her more, actually.

And as she sees us, Georgi smiles so wide I would’ve thought her teeth would burst.

“Hey, Syd! How are ya?” Georgi asks enthusiastically, engulfing Sydney in a hug.

“I’m actually feeling much better. Jules is fine now, so we’re all good.” She doesn’t give back the hug, but she smiles nonetheless.

I stop myself from asking “who’s Jules?”, which is good.

“Jules is her stepsister, by the way,” Georgi lets go of Sydney to turn to me, her smile fading. “She, um, she has, um.” Georgi clears her throat. “She had, I think, leukemia? But she’s fine now, anyways.”

Her smile slowly creeps back when she turns to Sydney. “She is fine, right?”

Sydney smiles hugely. She looks almost normal. “Yep; I’m celebrating.”

Georgi turns back to me, her smile gone again.

“Sydney doesn’t know who her parents are, where they are, or when did they even leave her. She just lives with, um, me and Olive, and Layla.” She gulps.

“Okay, that’s cool.” I smile.

Georgi looks back up, smiling again.

“Great! Well, I’ll have my usual mint chocolate chip!”

Sydney nods.

“I’ll have the vanilla chocolate chip, please. Thanks,” I smile at Sydney, who, surprisingly smiles back.

“Amazing! I’ll prepare them right now.” She’s just about to leave as she stops in her tracks.

“And the—” She starts.

“Medium!” Georgi interrupts.

“Yep,” Sydney goes back to work.

I start laughing a bit at what just happened.

“That was fun; I wish she were always like that.” Georgi sighs, as we sit down.

“Yes, she’s much more enjoyable.” I respond, nodding along,

“Too bad her sister gets sick every time they celebrate her healing,”

“Wait, what? She does?”


“Why, though? That’s really weird. And suspicious. What’s in the drinks? The food? Who could possibly have any reason to dislike her?”

“Calm down, Pat. No, the food and drinks are fine, I’ve tried them myself.”

“What if it’s somehow just in her sister’s drink? Hmm?”

“Pat, seriously? I’ve told you to stop reading Agatha Christie.” Georgi rolls her amber eyes.

“I can’t! It’s way too good. And Nancy Drew.”

“I told you, unless it’s comedy, slice of life or something happy or not-scary, then, yes, please! But if not, stop.”

I sigh. “You’re so stubborn. Try getting out of your comfort zone, rather than deeper in.” I put a lot of emphasis so that she thinks it’s important.

“Yeah, yeah.” She rolls her eyes again.

Ah, it didn’t work this time.

“Um, if she lives with you guys though . . .” I start. I’ve never been to Georgi’s house, and I finally know why.

“I really don’t mean to brag, but we live in an enormous penthouse.” She says, looking apologetically at me.

“Ooh, nice!” I feel my eyes sparkle. “Is there always lo-fi or jazz playing?”

Georgi chuckles. “Yeah, a lot,” she shakes her head, sighing playfully. “My mom loves this song, ‘Fukashigi no Carte — Lofi Version’ too much. It’s really nice though. And always on late nights. It gives the vibe, and I just want to look out the window and smile, looking at the street lights, other houses and apartments, and enjoy the view.” She sighs dreamily this time.

“That’s sounds so amazing. Can you make me listen to that song?” I smile.

“Of course. You should come for a sleepover this weekend. Layla’s parents got back together, or remarried? I don’t know, but she’s leaving with either of her parents, so there’ll be less noise and more space!”

“Yeah? Is she that loud?”

“One hundred percent. Olive’s so quiet. We never know if she’s sleeping because her eyes are almost always closed.”

“Maybe they’re just tiny.”

“No, they’re getting it checked today. Mom said she might be blind, but, who knows? Plus, that means her hearing, smell, taste and touch is better, which explains why she’s always punctual for breakfast, sometimes even earlier.”

“Ah, yes.” I nod. “I’m excited! I’ll ask mom. She might say no, but let’s be positive right now.” I’m smiling so much.

“I’m really excited too! Yay!” She squeals and starts laughing so hard.

“What the—” I start, but pause.

Sometimes I forget how weird she is.

“Anyways,” she sits back up with a stern face, but her eyes soften at something, and I turn around.


“Yay!!” Georgi claps like a 5 year old. No offense to 5 year olds.

Sydney smiles as she places the tray down.

“Your ice creams, tissues, spoons . . . There you go!” She flashes a smile our way one last time before leaving.

“Yum!” Georgi licks her lips before wolfing it down.

I stare at her for some time. Wow, she eats so quickly. Doesn’t she have brain freeze? Oh, yeah, she doesn’t have a brain.

“Yes, I do have a brain, thank you very much.” She sits up straight.

Did I say that aloud?

“Do you seriously think I wouldn’t know you’d make a snarky comment? C’mon. 7 years. Seriously.” She rolls her eyes playfully before she continues eating.

I know she’s joking because she smiling.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry.” I start eating my own ice cream.

She’s already done by the time I’m halfway through.

“Aghhhh, brain freeze!” I rub my temple and sigh.

Georgi just laughs.

“Don’t worry, it leaves after some time.”

“Wow, no snarky comebacks?”

“Nope, not today! I feel very confident and joyful, so I’m not letting anything ruin my mood!”

God, every time she says that, something ruins her mood.

Oh well. She’ll learn someday, won’t she?

“No, nothing will ruin my mood. Stop being so pessimistic all the time. It’s really annoying, y’know?”

“What’s with the sudden emphasis?” I ask, squinting at her. She looks a bit . . . sick?

“I- I feel really light-headed . . .” She rubs her temple and yawns. “Like, my mom said I might have a cold, because of the lack of . . . sweaters? Yeah, sweaters I own,

since I only have, one? Or two. So, I might’ve caught a cold, which, you know, makes me extremely light-headed and even giggly.” She hiccups.

“I’ll bring you home, okay?” I look at her worriedly. She nods.

We say our “thank yous” to Sydney and then head out.

“Aghhhh, really? Rain? Now?” I mumble. “I’ve always loved rain but right now is not the time!”

“Haha, yeah,” Georgi hiccups again.

“Okay, let’s hurry!”

We pass a couple people running to some sort of shelter, and we pass others with umbrellas.

I know this is wrong, but when we pass and arguing couple, I swipe their umbrella and Georgi and I run to her house.

None of us look back or regret it.

We’re actually both laughing.

“You should’ve seen their faces! They were like . . .” Georgi pulls a funny shocked face which makes both of us crack up.

“Wait, where’s your house again?”

Georgi points down the street.

“Then left, and it’ll be the big apartment thing on your right.”

I nod, and we do exactly as she says.

“Wow, this is a really immense apartment.” We pause in front of the building.

“Yeah, let’s go in already!” She says impatiently, but she’s laughing, so she means it jokingly.

“Okay, okay.” We run in, saturated in rain, but we’re both laughing so hard, catching our breath.

“Okay, okay, let’s go now.” Georgi heaves, and we go over to the elevator.

“Floor 12? What? What about my acrophobia?” I ask, starting to have quick breaths. I might be overreacting. It’s just a bit higher than usual, right?

“Don’t worry, it’s actually not that high.” Georgi smiles assuringly.

I nod, and take deep breaths in. Okay, it’s okay. It’s fine.

“Don’t look out the window unless it’s the night, though.” She warns.

I nod again, regaining steady breaths.

“Why?” I can’t help asking.

“Wow, you sure are curious.”

“Oh, never mind.”

“No, no, it’s fine. So, basically, it’s really—”

She stops as the elevator doors open.

“Oh.” I step out. Floor-to-ceiling windows? A view of everything?

Screw heights.

“This . . . is- is really beautiful.”

The rain made it look like Heaven.

It was, no joking, one of the best views I’ve ever seen.

“Yeah, that’s what I was trying to tell you; scratch your fears — no offense — and enjoy life! It becomes so much easier when you just lay back, relax and enjoy. Believe me.”

“You should be a therapist.”

“Ahhh, that’s crazy! My lazy self could never.”

“I’m not joking,” I look at her sternly.

“Really? Could I really help people? Well, probably. I mean, I am me.”

“Ah, there you are!” I smile as she beams.

“I would help tons of people. I’d cure depression, anxiety, disorders . . . mentally ill or insane people, “different” ones, or your average Joes.” She starts talking to herself ( or me ) aloud, and it’s good to see her

passionate about something. It may not last, but at least she believes in herself.

Isn’t that the first step of success?

Thx for reading!


Moni G


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    1. wow I just read it (only like 2-4mins ago) and I LOVE IT, idk idk but I’m getting large NYC skyscraper and on the top floor (penthouse!) there’s like a super smart, but kind of miserable genius person who lives there and they get help from someone who’s also really cool! idk it’s just an idea !!

      I REALLLY LIKED THE STORY please please please make a part 2!!!

  1. Hiya Izzy! (please dont ask why im up this late) IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! WWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive been having a bad month, and on the same month as my birthday, ive gotten sick, nothing was good on my birthday (ecxept cake and books) but my mum always said that you should be thankfu]l and grateful for what you have in life! I hope you have a better month than me =] . my review is a 100000000000000/10! Moni has some great skills! and now time for Bee to draw more characters from Moni’s books! PART 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.etc PLEASE!

    1. Hey Bee! Welcome back! WOOOOOOO! Aww, I hope next month is better :/ Aww, happy laaaate birthday! I hope the cake was nice! Your mom is pretty wise 🙂 that’s really good advice! Aww, thanks Bee 🙂 (sorry for the late reply btw lol) WOOW that is so sweet! Agreed 🙂 Oooh! That’s really cool =] if you want us to post the characters on here, you can send it to us via our Contact email 🙂 I told Moni and she’s already prepping a Part 2 :p


      And best of luck for Back To School !

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