Hellooo Buzzers! We, like all normal people, like watching TV, so we thought we’d recommend some TV shows to watch over the summer, and share TV shows we’re watching at the moment! Maybe you’ll enjoy some of them, or even find your new favourite show!! This will be probably be a small article, anyways, enjoy!!!! (hello I am from the future, I am 4 hours into the fuuuuuuture, and I have come here to tell you that you thought wrong and this was actually a pretty big article so yeah, anyways e n j o y !)

1. Kim’s Convenience

Although they’ve cancelled the show after the 5th season, this show is GREAT, it’s really funny, very witty and greatly entertaining! Since it’s the summer, I managed to finish this show quite quickly, even though it has 4 seasons! It’s really entertaining and really funny! It’s my mom who found this show, and I found some good reviews online, so I hopped on to Netflix and tried it! I really enjoyed the episodes, so I introduced it to the rest of my family, and oftentimes we watch together 😀 it’s really interesting and will almost certainly make you laugh! I like shows about families, (see: One Day At A Time, Fuller House, Never Have I Ever, all great shows!!)

2. Extraordinary You

This school/romance/comedy k-drama is REALLY GOOD, although I prefer episodes that are 30minutes maximum, I enjoyed that these ones were 1HOUR each, so everyday, at 10pm, we watch 1 episode and go to bed at around 11.10! Although since we sleep too late now, that has been changed to 9pm *shrug* It talks about a girl who has a heart disease and is engaged to a guy (who’s kind of a jerk) named Baek Gyeong (I originally read it as BaekHYUN don’t sue me) she lives in a comic book world called ‘SECRET’ and although she thought she was the protagonist in a romance comic. Anyways, this has a really interesting plot with some complicated yet riveting characters! Recommended!

3. Rainbow High

Although I just watched it as a joke, it was actually MUCH better than I expected, I was even sad when I discovered there was only 1 42-minute episode (8 episodes, each 5 mins, mushed into one big episode) and although I didn’t watch it all at once, I REALLY LIKED IT, the whole elimination thing, the whole school thing, the immersing, yet distinct characters, the sweet Sunny especially! And Jade looked like Billie Eilish (pre-Happier Than Ever era) just sayin’! (I’m not an Avocado but Happier Than Ever had some really nice songs!) Anyways, it’s only 1 episode (as aforementioned) yet super riveting! You should go check it out (bye-bye from Vi-vi!!! sidenote: if you watch it you’ll get the joke;))

4. She-Ra and The Princesses of Power

So I forgot the full title, but I LOVE this show, I have this friend who recommended this show, and they themselves LOVED it SO MUCH, they literally put Catra as every one of their profile pictures, it’s a really colorful, well-animated, GIRL POWERRRRR show!! It has 5 seasons, each with well-drawn, enthralling episodes! (my wifi just left :’) The characters are super interesting and really aesthetically pleasing, as is the whole show! The plot is just as good too, so I recommend this show just as much as the previous ones :p

5. The Hollow

I found this show with my sister and thought it’d be scary, plus it was night so it was like putting olives on ice cream, anyways, it wasn’t scary AT ALL, I don’t necessarily mean that in the bad way, I just mean that even if it was SCARY (and the most I can handle is ‘Creeped Out’) I would still watch it, we had some people over at our house and they were just talking as adults, so we went to our room and started this show! It only had 2 seasons with 10 episodes each, but it’s still SUPER interesting! You’ll probably laugh at Kai (ahemnotexoahem) and marvel at the others! This show is really bizzaro-kinda so if you like shows that are a bit witty, suspenseful and with cliffhangers (kdrama stans rise) then you’ll LOVE THIS, the last few episodes were the BEST and SO SO interesting, I reeeeeallllyyy recommend, plus it’s easy to binge this show especially with the positively unnerving suspense!

6. When Marnie Was There

Okayyyy so technically this is a movie, and a literal SENSATIONAL one at that, it’s so deep and so pretty and so breathtaking! I’ve probably said this before but it’s my favourite film EVER (as of 2021) Anna is the brown-haired, emotional, kinda antisocial protagonist, and Marnie is the sage, the blonde-haired child of wealthy but negligent parents, this is the Netflix description:

Sent to spend the summer in a sleepy seaside town, sickly Anna befriends a curious girl living in a deserted villa. But is their connection real?

– Netflix, ‘When Marnie Was There’

I realllyyyy recommend this one!!

7. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

If you have Netflix you’ve most probably watched this, it’s REALLY popular, anyways it follows the story of the 3 Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus and Sunny and Count Olaf as the main antagonist (Neil Patrick Harris) my sister used to be OBSESSED with this series and so now we have the whole book collection! I really liked it, especially the intro, and sometimes we use the famous ‘Look awayy’ as a joke towards each other :). If you like suspenseful shows (see: The Hollow) then you will ADORE this one, it takes longer to finish as the episodes are around 40 minutes each, also if you liked this one you’ll probably like ‘The Unlisted’ too!

8. League of Legends Origins

So if you’ve read my About Us page (I’ve been thinking of doing maybe an extended About Us or a Q&A…*shrug*) you probably know I like video games, which can get in the way of eating, and doing other stuff, but it’s a great de-stressor and has proven to be healthy for your brain, as it increases the gray matter in it! I remember a few months ago, when I had my tests, I used to stay in my room right from when I got home to dinner and after I had finished studying, I’d play a round of Valorant because a) I wanted to stop stressing and b) I had finished studying and wanted to do something I liked! I don’t think playing video games affected me negatively, plus games can teach you to be a problem-solver because modern problems require modern solutions (I know it’s old, don’t sue me!) Ok, anyways I’ll stop talking about video games and I’ll get started on the review! So, technically, this is a movie, a documentary, so PERHAPS, just PERHAPS, it’s cheating, although I never said I’d SOLELY limit it to shows so I think it’s okay :p Anyways, I never really finished this, but I like LoL and I like documentaries so I thought WHY NOT? I didn’t finish it so I can’t put a full review, but I recommend this!

9. Candy Jar

I really liked this movie! I do debate myself (well, used to, but hopefully I can do it again next year!) and although university is 6 years away for me, it’s still something I like to think about, and something I would love to experience! Anyways, this is the story of 2 state debate champions, one who wishes to go to Harvard to the point where her room is ‘Harvard-themed’ and another who wishes to go to Yale (more subtle room design here), overall it’s really good, a bit of cheese (see: Extraordinary You, some VERY cheesy parts in the stage) but overall really nice!!

10. Feel The Beat

I like dance movies overall, so I really liked ‘Feel The Beat’ it’s not necessarily a ‘relatable’ movie or whatever but more of just an entertaining one, it was really centered around opportunities (in my perspective) and it had a really nice, not too flamboyant ending! There was some romance, and some cheesy parts, but overall really nice! I watched this with my aunt, my dad, my mom and my sister, so it made it even better :p Anyways, if you like dancing, or movies, then you might find this one nice too 🙂

11. Hilda

My best friend really likes this show, so if she checks out this post, then this is for you!!! Okay, so originally the show wasn’t my favourite, I liked it, but I was watching way too many shows at once to fully enjoy and get immersed into Hilda’s very aesthetically pleasing fantastical world. I love the little characters, and Hilda herself has a really nice, very protagonist-y personality suited for audiences! I really like the little subtle ‘meanings’ behind the episodes, and Hilda’s confident nature, the deuteragonists are also well-written and not too stereotypical to fit a trope, but not too messy to have confusing personalities (if that makes sense, I’m just writing down what my brain is telling me to.)


We’ll probably watch some more stuff, but this was the shows/movies (from Netflix) I liked THE MOST and although I technically have a whole month of summer holidays left and time to watch a lot of new stuff, this was my TOP OF THE TOP, my creme de la creme (sorry I’m on an English keyboard I can’t add the ‘accents’)! If I find a new show that I like, I’ll update it, or put it in the comments! If you want to recommend a show (doesn’t matter if it’s not on Netflix) then feel free to do so in the comments 😀

Maybe you’ll enjoy one of these shows, or maybe you’ve watched 1 or 2 (or maybe more!!) or maybe you want to recommend one to someone, or maybe you just like reading articles, whatever it is, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’re having a nice summer holiday!


TheBuzz Team

(by the way, feel free to ask for a certain article in the comments!)


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  1. What you like really comes down to what books you like, you’re probably more likely to like ‘The Hollow’ if you like mystery and action is what I mean 😀 or you’d be more likely to like ‘LoL Origins’ if you’re into video games or sci-fi/fantasy books !

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