okokokokok so technicallllyyyyy we got ‘Medieval Warfare’ from Suicide Squad OST, it was g o o d, buuuut THE SINGLES AND THE ALBUM!!!!!

One day I hopped onto the French music app ‘Deezer’ and I found that Grimes had released a song, ‘Medieval Warfare,’ which was included in the SS soundtrack, I got really excited and listened to it, I liked it a lot, hence I added it into my playlist, normal right? Aaaand I hadn’t really been keeping up with any world news apart from the Olympics, but I found out Grimes and Jennie from BLACKPINK were friends! And plus, they posed in front of a rocket!!! How cool is that!!! A literal rocket!!! Chance of a lifetime 😀 Anyways, so I saw that BLINKS (Blackpink fans) were saying that Grimes was releasing an album (in an article, I can’t find it sorry guys :/) and so I got super excited.

I’ve been a fan of Grimes for almost 2 years now, and my favourite album so far is ‘Art Angels’ with World Princess Part II as my favourite song of hers! I found her through ‘Oblivion,’ one of her songs. She said that she’d release some singles this summer (perhaps Medieval Warfare was one?) and then an album towards the end of the year, I marked that down in my calendar just in case I forgot (I use Calendar to mark all sorts of things and I check it once every 2 days, I recommend doing so too :p)

A fan asked about how the next album would be and wowowowow was I impressed and extremely enthralled by the answer.

(FYI: Her real name is Claire, and ‘De Lune’ means ‘From Moon’ in French, if directly translated, you can trust me as my mother tongue is French lol, anyways the name also references a sort of ‘phrase’ in French used in a popular lullaby, ‘Au claire de la lune…’)

It’s a space opera about CLAIRE DE LUNE – an artificial courtesan who was implanted in a simulation that is a memory of the AI creation story on Earth from the brain of the engineer who invented AI because he wants to relive his life but if his perfect dream girl could teach him to leave and thereby he would preserve humanity this time rather than let them fade into obscurity – overcome by machines.

– Grimes

There’s another character named ‘Dark Matter’ (something that has been and is being very thoroughly researched about and is very interesting!! Recommend researching about it you’ll find yourself in a perpetual internet rabbithole filled with new information, really good 10/10)

Oh yeah and btw Grimes said that there’s more to the story but “that’s where the first part of the story stops.”

Oh yeah and also she has this link that takes you to her website where you can presave on Spotify or predownload! It’ll also show you something else but I’ll leave that for you to find out 😀


Alsoooo she is going to be releasing a podcast called ‘Homo Techno’ with her smart friend Liv Boeree, according to Stereogum it ‘in

Anyways, so you might not understand that from the title buuut this post is mainly about Grimes, her new albums, new stuff she’ll be releasing!

Okayyyyy so I went thru r/Grimes (reddit Grimes fanclub :0) and I learnt that Grimes will be a judge in a singing competition called ‘AlterEgo’ this is not just ANY reality singing competition but one of the most creative ones I’ve heard of (as a Grimesian said ‘very Grimes’) and according to a Redditor, this is how it’ll be like:

I usually really really hate reality singing competitions, but the fact that people are going to perform as their “dream avatar” through motion capture and visual effects is very Grimes (and I can already predict that her look are going to be AMAZING)

– Savings_Visual8372, from Reddit (r/Grimes)

And you probably know that Grimes really likes NFTs, she made 6million USD by selling NFTs (non-fungible tokens.) My dad taught me about NFTs and how it works not too long ago, so perhaps I could deepen my research and write a post about it!

FUN FACT:  The NFT market value tripled in 2020, reaching more than $250 million. During the first quarter of 2021, NFT sales exceeded $2 billion.

Oh and Grimes has a new single dropping soon! It’s called ‘Shinigami Eyes’ in case you don’t know what that means, ‘Shinigami Eyes’ are the eyes that Shinigami have in the manga ‘Death Note’ where they can see someone’s name and their life span above their heads, you (a human, I’m presuming) can get Shinigami Eyes if you give them half of your life span (without knowing how much time you have left.) 2 days ago, a fan asked when the song is dropping and Grimes said that when the video is done she’ll release it, so hopefully in mid/end August 😀

Oh yeah I forgot to add that Clairo did a cover of Grimes’ song ‘Oblivion,’ you can check it out here.

Oh and here’s a funny Grimes meme!


Oh and by the way, if you wanna check out the places where I got the above meme from and where I got my info from, you can scroll down and look at the ‘Sources’ area and for the meme you can just click on it and it’ll take you to the (I presume) original page.

Oh and in case you didn’t know, Gowon from the K-pop group LOOΠΔ Grimes’ godmother (of her child X Æ A-12.) If you’re interested, Grimes previously made a song with LOOΠΔ called ‘love4eva’ you can check it out here:

Oh and Grimes also draws her album covers really well!

Here’s an example (her first album, Geidi Primes)

See the source image
(does not belong to me)

And the album cover for my favourite album of hers (and a lot of Grimesians’ fav album, even though Grimes herself wasn’t happy with it):

See the source image
(does not belong to me)

Oh and if you like Grimes you’re likely to like FKA Twigs and/or Bjork (recommendations.)

Alsoooo she’s working on a “project” with Caroline Polachek, but no word on what this project is. Ok so overall I’ve gone over all the things Grimes said (so far) and I’m still a bit behind lol, if anything is released/more is said, I will definitely update you guys either in another post/in this post/in the comments. Buuuut I was kinda hoping this would be a long, information-filled, professional, link-filled, image-filled article which it is now faaar from and has become a messy image-lacking, very unprofessional, half-info-filled, only-3-links, makes-little-sense blog post where I talk about Grimes and stuff that will happen and that she’s said. At least I’ve learned some new stuff thanks to my good friend Wikipedia (i.e. what Tumblr is, what NFTs are, Grimes discography etc etc.)

After finding out what Tumblr is (a micro-blogging site filled with artists and creative people) I have also found out that Grimes herself has a Tumblr (is that how you say it? ‘Has’ a Tumblr? ‘Owns’ a Tumblr? Has a Tumblr blog? Pls tell me) Ohhh so it’s like the blog I have except it’s on the same site and you can ‘reblog’ other people’s posts. Grimes’ Tumblr is called ActuallyGrimes and you can check it out here.

Anyhoozle, Grimes is yet to release the anticipated music and I am ~very~ excited to see how this space opera story will work out!!

FYI: no images or quotes used are/were mine!

If you have any info I missed or any updates, feel free to tell me via our email or in the comments 😀

Oh and check out Moni G’s story (it’s really good I promise.)



(scroll down for links)


Grimes will be a judge in a new series called AlterEgo, coming this fall : Grimes (reddit.com)

NFT wikipedia page

it’s coming soon i can feel it! : Grimes (reddit.com)

Grimes (musician) – Wikipedia

Image used as cover

Stereogum article

(cover image is not mine, belongs to respective owner)


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