Hello! I’m in Dubai again!! Yayy!! Today I’ll just be unpacking and watching ‘She-Ra’ so only this post today! I’ll also be a bit busy in the 2 following days, so sorry about that! I’ll probably post more on the 15th/16th and then on! Enjoy


Today we have a special feature! I heard about Olivia Rodrigo on the radio and some Buzzers (mainly Moni G) wanted some more ‘pop’ which wasn’t kpop or R&B or lo-fi or anything that isn’t pop, so I went to Spotify, listened to the whole ‘SOUR’ album, chose my favourite song and now embedded it to share with you guys! I also might add a Billie Eilish song from her latest album, if I listen to the whole thing! I think on the album, there are some slow songs, and sometimes I feel like more vibrant ones are more satisfying, so I chose this one! It was between this one and ‘good4u’ and perhaps even ‘brutal’! I’m not an OR fan but this song is pretty neat nonetheless, welp that it’s for today’s special feature!!! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to do more soon 😀

Also, check out our playlist where we put all of the songs of Song of the Day! (We’re making one for Deezer after we finish some articles :D)



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  1. Hi! I really like this song and OR’s music in general! Thanks for the special feature! I appreciated it! I’m a new reader by da way pls write more, also pls add ‘Happier Than Ever’ by Billie Eilish thx ☺️ keep it up

    1. Hey or #sour! Welcome to Izzy’s Buzz, we hope you enjoy your stay :D, ooh I’m glad you do! No worries, anytime 🙂 Yes, we definitely will! We’ll add it for tomorrow’s SOTD! enjoy and have a nice day :p

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