Heyo! Welcome to todayyy’s song, where we feature yet ANOTHER special song! There’s no singing included, too. Enjoy!


Sometimes, when I write a ‘review’ for Song of the Day, I like to listen to the song whilst writing it (not all the time, I’m trying to do it more) to give a better review. So I’m 40 seconds in and I’ve paused to write this! Anyhoo, if you like electronic music or anime/game music in general, you’ll probably like this one. I really like the beginning and it’s really nice to listen to when you’re drawing. Flashback September 2020, when I used to draw A LOT and listen to this song and then head to the living room to watch some anime, and nowww August 2021 (a month earlier but that’s not a big deal) and I’m doing the same (drawing different stuff and differently, half improved / half gotten worse) anyways, I am trying to be as organized as I was back then 🙁 taking some time, but I’m getting there! Anyways, I really like the part at 1:43, so if you wanna check that part out I recommend it, but listening to the WHOLE song is much more recommended (that’s technically incorrect but I’m pretty sure you get what I mean) I also like artists like Moe Shop & Snail’s House so it could be easily inferred that I would like this too 🙂 Anyways, I recommend the anime Mob Psycho 100 and this song!! Enjoy and hope you found a new (nice) song!




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