Hello Buzzers and welcome to yet another Song of the Day! Today we’ve brewed up something a little bit different so it might not suit your tastes but hopefully you’ll give it a listen! Enjoy!

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When I was really into video game music, I found this as I really liked it, it was also on numerous playlists that I liked, so I thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add it to SoTD. I’ve seen some Kenma Kozume playlists with this, so I guess that’s what inspired me to add this song. Anyways, video game music is definitely a top contender for best types of music in my list. Arcade Player on Spotify has a bunch of interesting songs that pertain to video game music, too, if you want to check it out! If I recall correctly, I added a song by them in Song of the Day some time ago, so here they are again! They have ‘the themes’ albums for a bunch of video games!!

Hope you enjoyed :)))


TheBuzz Team


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