Hello Buzzers ! Today, we have a new song, it’s a song that Moni G really likes and it is also a K-pop song, which we haven’t had in a while, so, enjoy!!

SONG OF THE DAY / ENDS 1 SEP / Currently being updated

I found this song quite a while ago, and I had to make sure I didn’t already add it to Song of the Day haha, anyways, Moni is a big fan of this song and LOONA in general, so this goes out to her!! Her biases in LOONA are Chuu and Yeojin, so if yours are too, you’d be best friends ahaa. Anyways, this song is pretty upbeat, so if you wanna be in a good mood I definitely recommend it!! LOONA has other songs, like Why Not? and Uncover by LOONA / ODD EYE CIRCLE. Anyways, Moni holds this song dear to her heart and calls it ‘amazing’. Hopefully, you will too!

Happy listening!


TheBuzz Team


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