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Heyoooo! It’s August (yeah you obviously know) and school is looming closer every day…anyhoozle, we’re just making a quick post to update you guys on what’s happened this month and what’s coming, so like a mid-month (kinda) ‘Monthly Announcements/Updates’ so here you go!

Firstly, take a look at this:


So, we’ve only been posting ‘Song of the Day’ at the moment, which makes our ‘recent blog posts’ page look kinda sad and pretty dry, sooo, we’ll be posting more + reposting articles (not because of the ‘dryness’ but for any mistakes or errors, which I’m pretty sure there are!) So that’s the main update!

[now]Also, we’re pretty close to 200 posts, I mean look at this:

[before]And not too long ago we were at this:

[now]We still have a LOT of unposted drafts:

[before]And not too long we were here:

Sooo, some improvement!! 2 pretty lame articles thrown in the trash, 43 new drafts, 69 new articles and some new interests picked up along the way, plus, we forgot to announce this but we have an eBooks page!! Where we’ll post eBooks and ways to read them 🙂 (still kind of a work in progress but we’re getting there!) Btw, highly anticipated Part 2 of ‘Back From the Grave’ by Moni G is coming sooooon!!

Also, I have been listening to Taeyeon a lot (just thought you should know lololololololol)

So yeah!!! That’s all at the moment!! Plus, I refound this great song and now I’ve been listening to it a lot, and maybe you like it too! I was gonna add it in Song of the Day, but here you go instead 😀

ANYWAYYYSYSYSYS, let’s get to some posts we’ll publish this month (and later on in the ~ f u t u r e ~)

(*checks drafts* *finds very old treasures*)

  • A Day In The Life of Moni G
  • Top Twitch Streamers To Watch
  • Taeyeon…Lightstick?
  • Queendom!
  • More Song of the Day
  • 10 Hilarious Design Fails (inspired by brightside)
  • The Izzy Awards | Summer 2021 (in progress)
  • New stories!!
  • Animemes Part 3
  • Back From The Grave Part 2
  • ~Jealous~ eBook
  • Another newsletter!
  • The Finale eBook
  • Some ‘Opinion Corners’
  • Episode 1 of Book Shelf
  • Guide to Back To School
  • 10 Reasons Why Aliens Exist
  • The Quibbler
  • 10 Signs You’re A Gryffindor
  • Space and The Future
  • The Future – Part 2 (continued ver)
  • Ayame Chapter 7
  • Some poems/haikus/free verses/limericks
  • Some Genshin posts
  • Valorant posts
  • Anime posts ( A LOT)
  • Rant posts (not judgmental ones, just calm, blog-y ones!)
  • End of Song of the Day
  • More announcements!
  • Back to School stuff
  • Meme posts


So, we hope at least one of these things will interest you, and if not, you could always request articles in the comments or by our email.

Anyhoozle, you can check out Moni’s latest stories and also her eBooks, as seen above, more of her eBooks are coming!!

  • It Started With Rain
    Hello Buzzers! We finally have a brannnd new Izzy’s Buzzz story by Moni G! Woo-hoo! This one is a bit different compared to other story and doesn’t have a definitive plot, so it might flow a bit differently given it’s a bit experimental 😀 Enjoy ! Word count: 1709 “Hey, what’s up?” Georgi smiles as …
  • eBook: Back From The Grave by Moni G
    Hello Buzzers!! We’re back with yeeeeet another eBook! You guys seem to like our eBooks and this story and Moni G, so here is the eBook version of her story! You can read it on this blog page or you can download it! We hope you enjoy the story!!! You can check out all our …
  • Poetry ~ My Love For Books : By Moni G 🙂
    So, today, dear Buzzers, I present to you my first poetry here on Izzy’s Buzz as an INFP :^ Of course, it will be for my love of books 😀 Books, dear books, that I keep on my nook, where I love to look, oh, dear books, wordy and smart, such a lost art, why …
  • One Of Us Is Guilty
    *Warning! A bit scary. Only for ‘not easily scared’ crowds! Also, there are different PointOfViews! First is Robyn, Phoebe, Olive, Benjamin, Lucas, and finally, Robyn again* 5 kids: Robyn, Phoebe, Olive, Lucas, and Benjamin. A funny kid, a shy one, a bossy-boots, an adventurer, and a geek all come together… somehow. 3 murderers, 2 deaths, and 1 mystery . . …
  • ☝ eBook: Adopted As A Vlogger – Volume 1
    ✎ Story credits to @monica ✎ Characters created by @monica ☝ Design by @izzyv ⌨ Made with Canva ☟ Hello Buzzers! How have you guys been? Recently we posted just a small amount of articles, including a playlist one, some animemes, and some username ideas. Soon, we’ll have blog posts (which is the web theme …
  • Adopted As A Vlogger V.2: We Meet Again
    Charlotte. I couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t she in London? But anyways, as I almost skipped to my seat – which was in the back, near Charlotte – I didn’t even see where I was going. And bumped into someone. I look up. CHARLOTTE!!!! “Hey,” she says, helping me up. I take advantage of the situation. …
  • They’re Back…
    “Ugh, why would they do that?!” Fern groaned, rubbing his eyes full of dirt. “Yeah, they’re so annoying!” I agreed. Robyn quietly brushed the leaves that went into her hair. “Whatever they did that for (she glared into space) we have to get out of here!” She got up. “Hey, Cookie, can you teleport us …

Here’s an anime meme in case you’re feeling down:


(I don’t own this image)

Great photoshop skills, would definitely hire, 10/10

And here is a very aesthetically pleasing anime GIF !

(also not mine)

Oh and join the conversations!! Feel free to comment, interact with Buzzers, request for songs and give ideas! (no mean stuff pls thx)

  1. Hello programmerrr, I’m glad you’re enjoying Izzy’s Buzz ! Hopefully you’re enjoying your time here and we’ll see you again…

  2. Hello! I’m glad we have :)) Thank you so much for visiting Izzy’s Buzz and we hope you enjoy your…

(lol it’s mainly me commenting)

Also, you can check out our (updated) tag cloud!

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(a lot of our posts don’t have tags as we recently started using them, so these numbers will definitely change/increase/decrease and move around!!)

And as yeeeet another update, here are our archives, from April 2020, to August 2021 (and the amount of posts we have each time, July 2021 was the busiest, buuut we have a lot in store this month, so maybe we’ll break our record!)

Also, here is the Izzy’s Buzz Calendar, where you can check which days we posted and what we posted on that day!!

August 2021

(so far everyday, due to SOTD)

Oh and this might be boring, but here are allll our categories

(Uncategorized RIP)


Izzy V

August is a biiiig month for us and we have a LOT of posts coming up! As of right now, Moni G is working on a story and/or re-reading and loudly judging her story 🙂

—14th Aug 2021, izzysbuzz.com

Izzy’s Buzz pagessss

(fyi: I updated the About Us page and probably will again in the future, I haven’t updated the Contact page but we use the same email nonetheless, the eBook page is very new and will be updated to look cooler very soon! The articles/stories page is where you are reading this very article/blog post!)

Search anything you want on Izzy’s Buzz 😀 We might not have it, but if you want it, you can request in the comments or by contacting us on the ‘Contact Us’ page above!

Another meme!

(not mine)

Nowwww, the ACTUAL announcements

Okayyy we’ve had fun and played around with everything and showed you guys a bunch of stuff that we’ve added and/or updated, here are some ACTUAL things!

[on Izzy’s Buzz]

  • New articles (as listed above!) requests open!
  • an eBooks page!!
  • Stories updated
  • Mistakes in articles/stories corrected
  • Old articles updated!
  • Tags updated!
  • Drafts posted
  • Newsletter with more information on it!
  • Some images changed
  • Some interviews!
  • Moni G articles!

[outside of Izzy’s Buzz]

  • Red Velvet ‘Queendom’ release!
  • I got a whooole lot of manga and ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez!
  • Sunmi ‘YCSWU’ mini album
  • I got a Todoroki Funko! Pop and my sister gave me her Ron Weasley one
  • Back in Dubai 😀
  • Malaysian satellite dead at 15-years-old in space
  • July 2021 is the hottest month ever recorded in WORLD HISTORY
  • On this day in 1992, a meteorite shower hit Uganda
  • ‘She-Ra and the Princess of Power’ voted best Animated Cartoon (that isn’t anime) Ever by Izzy V
  • This!
  • Messi in Paris (a LOT of people excited)
  • Listening to Demon Slayer intro on repeat


Okay, well that concludes this month’s ‘Monthly Announcements’ messypost* (see footnote), we’ll try to make a longer one towards the end of September, oh and by the way, we’ll be posting a LOT this month, and as every day we are looming closer and closer and closer and closer and closer and closer towards back to school, we’ll try to make the posts as entertaining as possible, even though sometimes we might have a boring rant post or a post about something that doesn’t interest you and etc etc, by the way, requests are still open for song recommendations for our ‘Song of the Day’ which will be ending on the 1st September 2021, and published everyday at 7am EST 🙂 If you have any questions, song recommendations, article recommendations or anything else, feel free to tell us in the comments :p

Have a great day and enjoy your summer!!

* a post on Izzy's Buzz that is filled with random things, like memes, videos, images, rants, lists, widgets and things that might or might not belong


TheBuzz Team

other notes:

Article written between August 14 and August 16 (update August 23, 24 and 28)


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