Hello Buzzers! Since I am very bored and have nothing better to do than play video games (and I’ve already played for HOURS today, I’ll play more later lol) I’ve decided to finally start a ‘small’ series I’ve been “messing” around with, a ‘blog post’ series, usually I fill this website with memes, songs, recommendations, stories etc etc (and I’m working on some videos!) buuut since this was originally supposed to be a blog, I’ve decided to retrace my roots and well…blog!!! As I’m writing this, I’m listening to the world’s best anime openings (see: Tokyo Ghoul, Demon Slayer and Death Note) so I have a lot of inspiration 🙂

Ok, so school is looming closer and closer every day and it’s stressing me out a lot, partially why I started this blog post series! The idea was to write about things that I’m interested in and things I wanna share but still make it fun by adding memes and songs and etc etc and talking about general things. TRUST me, you will rarely hear about my personal life but wayyy more so about my interests (see: astronomy, video games, anime and books.) So, yeah, that’s the introduction! I was thinking about writing this series every day after school as a fun thing after homework. (I’m listening to the Attack On Titan opening right now and I’m trying soooo hard not to jump around my room.) So I’ve made this into ‘Seasons’ and ‘Episodes’ and also counting what blog post number it is, which might seem like a lot but I’ve always wanted to categorize a series of articles into numbers or season and episode numbers in the title, so YAY! I can finally do it! So, technically, because of after-schools, homework and other things, I obviously won’t be able to post every day, this is middle school, after all, but I’ll try to post 3 times MINIMUM per week! School is in 2 days for me (counting today), so I’ll post today and tomorrow and maybe only 3 times next week 🙂 The posts with all differ in length, depending on what the topic is and how much I have, these posts also won’t be worked on specifically over a course of a few days but more so me just writing, editing right after and posting directly, there might be some weeks where I just post once or twice but I have a bit of a problem with deadlines and stuff on time, which is why I was 2 weeks late on Song of the Day :/ Somehow, when it comes to school stuff this ‘problem’ magically disappears! Anyways, enough ranting, let’s get started with today’s post/episode!

I played a lil bit of Genshin early this year (March or April) and I liked it and then I just stopped, it took too much space on my iPad and I had too much to do. So I started new again (a day ago) and I’ve progressed a bit! I’m on Adventure Rank (AR) 6 and I got Amber, Noelle, Sucrose and Kaeya! I made a list of all the characters I want and everytime I get them, I’ll just tick them off. This time around I’m way more immersed in the game, I really like fantasy games, and games that are RPGs, so this is a really riveting game! It’s free and it works on PC, which, to be honest, is better to play on than iPad or iPhone (I don’t have a PS4 so I can’t review for that, if you do, please tell me in the comments :D) If you’re interested in learning more about it, a good ol’ Wikipedia page is always nice or a fandom.com fandom site! (I didn’t read the full Wikipedia page as I didn’t have the time but I will later.)

Lolololol, I found the royalty-free image online and tried to write ‘Be Happy’ using my computer and failed, but it’s still legible, right? Sources agree (see: myself)

(old meme I know)

Anyhoozle, the second I went on the fandom, I found out that people really liked Zhongli. So I went on his page and decided to learn about him and why Genshin Impact fans liked him so much. I also found out that older fans liked him, too. Apparently, he’s really powerful, some people ranking him as most powerful Genshin character, with Albedo (obviously) coming in close.




sooo Genshin will release a new character on the 1st of September, in 4 days time!! She’s really pretty and seems REALLY cool! She’s called Raiden Shogun but her real name is Ei. She’s from Inazuma and you can get her via the wish called ‘Reign of Serenity’ so I’ll be saving my primogems, thank you very much! On the same day, they’ll also be releasing Kujou Sara, who you can also get from the wish with the same name and who is also from Inazuma. Raiden is the vessel of Baal, who you can read about here! The ‘Tapestry of Golden Flames’ wish event including Yoimiya and Sayu and etc etc is ending in 2 days, which is just in time for the ‘Reign of Serenity’ event with Shogun and Sara and 2 undisclosed others. After this article I am definitely going to go play Genshin 🙂 I’ll try to get Yoimiya before the wish event ends too! There is also another character named ‘Yae Miko’ who hasn’t been discussed about very much. Some people think she is a cat or a kitsune.

Don’t be surprised that I don’t know that much about Genshin because technically I’ve only been ‘into it’ for 2 days, so I’m still making my way around (*play making my way downtown audio*)

Also, on the official Genshin website, there is a MANGA version!! It’s really well-drawn and like a real manga! I recommend reading as there are around 13 chapters with around 10-72 pages each (weird number I know)!

Yesterday they released a new character named ‘Aloy’, you can read about them here. You have to be Adventure Rank 20 or more to be able to get her through in-game mail, so sadly for me, I’ll need to move up 14 levels!! Her vision is Cryo and she uses a bow, she kind of looks like an anime Merida 🙂

Okay, I know I’m all over the place so I’ll just finish talking about Raiden Shogun and then continue about Zhongli. Ok, so I read a little bit about Raiden on the Genshin Impact website, and I’m still trying to understand the lore and what everything means and how stuff works, so excuse me if I’m wrong or being slow, but hopefully I’ll be able to fully comprehend every aspect of it eventually! Ok, so I think because of copyright I can’t post any images of Raiden from their website or anything, so I’ll just let you look at it here!

She seems pretty serious, i.e. she doesn’t have any hobbies she just says that ‘there are two things – those that must be done and those that must not,’ technically hobbies are eligible to be able to say that they ‘must be done’ since they’re something fun and fun things ‘must be done’ since they’re fun and we all need fun, but let’s not discuss technicalities and discuss more about the character instead. This is what she said about her least favourite food on the website:

Foolish question. There are only two kinds of foods – those that must be consumed to nourish the body and those that harm it.

Genshin Impact official website, Raiden Shogun character

Okay, enough about new characters, now let’s talk about Zhongli. This is how the website describes him:

Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s mysterious consultant. Handsome, elegant, and surpassingly learned.

Though no one knows where Zhongli is from, he is a master of courtesy and rules. From his seat at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, he performs all manner of rituals.

Official website

So, technically you can infer that he’s somewhat ‘mysterious’ most people tend to like mysterious people as they don’t know much about them, and want to know more about them. Anyways, he’s very powerful and his HP can go up to 14, 695, which can’t beat Albedo but a lot of the playable characters. He was in the ‘Gentry of Hermitage’ event wish alongside Xinyan, Chongyun (whom I used to have) and Razor. And then again in a wish event with the same title alongside Yanfei, Noelle and Diona.


Well, that’s the majority of what I have to say today 🙂 I also got a bunch of cool swords in my Beginners Wish, I’m stuck on the Lisa-Temple-Wing-Fly thingy mission so I’m trying my best 🙂 I might update this post if I find cool pictures, or I might post it in a separate post but I feel like I’ve done enough talking for today so I’ll just stop there and try to keep up with Song of the Day! Anyways, have a great day!


TheBuzz Team

(image in cover is royalty free, from pixabay)


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