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S1EP2: Pre-end of holidays (blog post #2)

Hello! While I’m waiting to eat, I decided to pack my bag for school and then write a bit ! So technically this is my last day of 2021 summer holiday, so I wanted to celebrate by writing a small article before! It might be a bit short because I have to go soon, but …

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Song of the Day / 29 Aug

Heyo! You probably already know, but we’re starting school tomorrow :/ soooo we’ve decided to add in a song we REALLY REALLY like to brighten things up! Enjoy ( ͡❛ ▿ ͡❛) SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY UNTIL 1 SEP | BEING UPDATED At the moment, I’ve been listening to this song A LOT, it’s …

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LO-FI: Moni G’s ‘rainy days’

Hey Buzzers! Tomorrow I’m starting school again so I’ve decided to finally post Moni’s GREAT Lo-fi riiight before it started! Moni G really likes making songs and writing stories, as you can see throughout Izzy’s Buzz, recently she released a new story! You can check it out here 🙂 Feel free to review it in …