Hey Buzzers! Tomorrow I’m starting school again so I’ve decided to finally post Moni’s GREAT Lo-fi riiight before it started!

Moni G really likes making songs and writing stories, as you can see throughout Izzy’s Buzz, recently she released a new story! You can check it out here 🙂 Feel free to review it in the comments and we’ll add your review in the eBook ver.!

The lo-fi song:

Soon, we’ll add some more songs by Moni G (all lo-fi) and you’ll be able to listen to them, sadly, Moni G only posts her songs on Izzy’s Buzz, so you can only listen to them here. Anyways, please don’t use this song without crediting her too, by the way 🙂

Feel free to tell us what you think about this song in the comments 😀

Moni’s comments:

I could’ve done better but I’m surprisingly proud with the result. I’ve always loved lo-fi, which first inspired me to make this song.

That’s it for today, along with Song of the Day, we’ll try to post more later this week 🙂 Anyways, have a nice week/day!


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