Hey guys! Today was the first day of the second year of middle school, so I’ll be posting some back to school ~stuff~ prettyyy soon ! Also, if you didn’t notice Moni G released one of her lo-fi songs yesterday!! It’s reallyyy good, you can check it out on the link above 🙂 Here is today’s song!


Aimer’s style is kinda like LiSA‘s, because it’s a bit loud, except Aimer does some softer ballad-y songs (LiSA does some too, but sticking more to her signature style) and I found out about Aimer through LiSA, while looking at the ‘Similar Artists’ section. I read ‘Aimer’ as ay-mur, but if you’re French, or speak French, then you might think it was em-meh (‘h’ not strongly pronounced) which means ‘to love’, so perhaps perhaps the name was inspired by the French word.

Upon ACTUALLY doing research rather than assuming, I found out her name was inspired by the French verb. You can check here (line 2.) Anyways, apart from that, I thought the song came from a show like ‘Orange’ which I currently l o v e, it is VERY interesting, please check it out!! As it sounds like something to come from that anime, but, sadly, it doesn’t. By the way, fun fact about the Japanese singer Aimer, she lost her voice at 15, because she sang too much, and according to her Spotify biography (everytime I like an artist I take a bit of time to read their biography just to know some basics about them) and ‘a few years later she got a unique husky and sweet singing voice.’ Personally, I agree, her songs are really nice to listen to, and if I could walk home rather than be driven home or take the bus, I would definitely listen to this! But it’s still nice to listen to in other times, like when the teachers let you listen to music!

Anyhoozle, I really liked this song and hopefully you will too, especially if you like music like LiSA or the Attack on Titan intro (not that similar but if you like it there’s a chance you’ll like this one, too.) Anyways, ENJOY and H A P P Y listening!




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