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Dune FanFiction: Blue Nebula

It feels so lonely here. Up here in Nep. I’m the youngest here. The penultimate to youngest is 17. And plus, he’s already a Levenbrech, so that’s cool. But, I, I’m only eleven. I don’t interact with any ‘humans.’ Whatever those are. I’m so bored. I am very blue. Blue like my planet. Blue like …

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5 Reasons Why Hermione Granger Wasn’t Sorted Into Ravenclaw

Of course, we all know Hermione as the brain of the golden trio, always providing Harry and Ron with facts that could help them (and that almost always does!) but Potterheads (fans of Harry Potter) couldn’t help but wonder why that intelligent bookworm wasn’t sorted into Ravenclaw. Luckily, insightful Potterheads have gathered ‘intel’ (I am …

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Book Review: Conspiracy, by Charlotte Greig

Hello Buzzers! Since Izzy’s Buzz is more of a ‘blog’ than anything else, you are *obviously* going to need some book reviews! Which is exactly why we are reviewing a book we have read, called ‘Conspiracy’ by someone named ‘Charlotte Greig.’ ———————————START OF BOOK REVIEW——————————————— ‘Conspiracy’ is a book that beautifully elucidates and outlines the …