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Adopted-As A Vlogger V.1: Meet The Family!

I was adopted by the Vegas’s, a charismatic, loving family. My family’s blended. We’re all from different nationalities. Well, technically, most of us are. Like take Mum for example. Mum’s French, she’s born in the most famous city in France, or the most romantic city in France, Paris! Dad’s from Australia. I’m English, I’m from …

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Top 20 Netflix TV Shows To Binge During Quarantine

We *get* those quarantine bugs, ugh, it’s like stopping us from living, but don’t worry, other Buzzers are all going through this annoying time! We’ve rounded up 20 Fam-Time Feel-Good Tv Shows to pass the quaran’time’, get the blankets, the Pottery Barn pillows, the hot chocs, the cookies, the popcorn, the teddies and the plushies, …