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Top 20 Netflix TV Shows To Binge During Quarantine

We *get* those quarantine bugs, ugh, it’s like stopping us from living, but don’t worry, other Buzzers are all going through this annoying time! We’ve rounded up 20 Fam-Time Feel-Good Tv Shows to pass the quaran’time’, get the blankets, the Pottery Barn pillows, the hot chocs, the cookies, the popcorn, the teddies and the plushies, …

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Staying Calm In Tough Times

Mindfulness and wellbeing is dreadfully important, so is health, if you are not healthy you enable the inability to do things, to have fun, play sports, enjoy your time etc. Staying calm, collected and mindful leads to joyous lifestyles.People who are stressed tend to have headaches and ignore their health. Your health is a priority, …

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A Day At Izzy’s Buzz HQ

You’re probably wondering how we make the magic happen here, right? Well, it’s pretty simple, we have an office that gives off a vibe so sweet it hurts! All ideas are accepted and appreciated and everyone is zen and motivated! When one of us has an idea too quirky for the room, someone can have …