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AHHHHHHHH okokokokok so technicallllyyyyy we got ‘Medieval Warfare’ from Suicide Squad OST, it was g o o d, buuuut THE SINGLES AND THE ALBUM!!!!! One day I hopped onto the French music app ‘Deezer’ and I found that Grimes had released a song, ‘Medieval Warfare,’ which was included in the SS soundtrack, I got really …

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Summer Netflix To-Watch List

Hellooo Buzzers! We, like all normal people, like watching TV, so we thought we’d recommend some TV shows to watch over the summer, and share TV shows we’re watching at the moment! Maybe you’ll enjoy some of them, or even find your new favourite show!! This will be probably be a small article, anyways, enjoy!!!! …

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YouTube Recommendations ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)

H e l l o everyone! Since you’re all probably bored, here are some YouTube recommendations! This title might be kind of vague, so it’s basically channel/video recommendations for this summer! In case you’re bored or just want a distraction! I know Moni G loves crack vids, so I’ll probably include some here too! If …