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eBook: Ayame | All Chapters

Hello Buzzers!! Since you guys seemed to like our last eBook, here is a new one of the unfinished book ‘Ayame’, we hope you enjoy! By the way, how are you guys? How are the holidays so far? (enjoy the book :p) ayame by Neptune Tell us what you guys think! This book isn’t that …

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☝ eBook: Adopted As A Vlogger – Volume 1

✎ Story credits to @monica ✎ Characters created by @monica ☝ Design by @izzyv ⌨ Made with Canva ☟ Hello Buzzers! How have you guys been? Recently we posted just a small amount of articles, including a playlist one, some animemes, and some username ideas. Soon, we’ll have blog posts (which is the web theme …

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Dune FanFiction: Blue Nebula

It feels so lonely here. Up here in Nep. I’m the youngest here. The penultimate to youngest is 17. And plus, he’s already a Levenbrech, so that’s cool. But, I, I’m only eleven. I don’t interact with any ‘humans.’ Whatever those are. I’m so bored. I am very blue. Blue like my planet. Blue like …