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Song of the Day / 21 July

Hello Buzzers! Welcome to yet another day of music recommendations! We hope you’ll enjoy this song that was released today!! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | ENDS 1 SEP This was released today! As EXO-Ls know, Baekhyun releases a lot of solo albums, and EXO released their ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ …

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Happy Birthday to Lia (ITZY) and Aisha (EVERGLOW)!!

Hello Buzzers! Today the 21st of July 2021, is the birthday of both Lia from ITZY and Aisha from EVERGLOW! ITZY’s latest song: In the morning EVERGLOW’s latest song: First Check both of those out! (on youtube/spotify/deezer/pandora whatever you use lol) Happy birthday to them 😀 xxxx TheBuzz Team 4

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Happy Birthday to Tzuyu (TWICE) and Taeil (NCT)!

Hello Buzzers! Today is Monday the 14th, Tzuyu and Taeil’s birthday! This week we have a lot of exams, so we wrote this article on Saturday, but we still wish them a happy birthday! Chou Tzuyu is turning 22 today! She’s the youngest member of Twice, too 🙂 Moon Taeil is turning 27. He’s the …