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eBook: Back From The Grave by Moni G

Hello Buzzers!! We’re back with yeeeeet another eBook! You guys seem to like our eBooks and this story and Moni G, so here is the eBook version of her story! You can read it on this blog page or you can download it! We hope you enjoy the story!!! You can check out all our …

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Poetry ~ My Love For Books : By Moni G :)

So, today, dear Buzzers, I present to you my first poetry here on Izzy’s Buzz as an INFP :^ Of course, it will be for my love of books 😀 Books, dear books, that I keep on my nook, where I love to look, oh, dear books, wordy and smart, such a lost art, why …

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☝ eBook: Adopted As A Vlogger – Volume 1

✎ Story credits to @monica ✎ Characters created by @monica ☝ Design by @izzyv ⌨ Made with Canva ☟ Hello Buzzers! How have you guys been? Recently we posted just a small amount of articles, including a playlist one, some animemes, and some username ideas. Soon, we’ll have blog posts (which is the web theme …