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12 Harry Potter Memes That Made Draco A Hufflepuff

Hello Buzzers! Since it’s the holidays and we could all do with some memes and HP content, here you go! This title might confuse you but it’s meant to be a bit of a title that’s different from what we usually do, I see a lot of people titling their articles/videos like this so I …

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15 Things To Do This Summer

Hello Buzzers!!! Welcome back to a new article! Since you might be feeling bored or like reading ‘things to do’ articles, maybe you’ll like this article! Last year, we made another ‘things to do’ article, which you can check out here! (keep in mind, it might be a bit cringe as it was written last …

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July 2021: Summer Reading List

Hello Buzzers! Welcome back 🙂 How have your holidays been so far? Lots of people like to read during the holidays and so do we, so here’s a small list of enjoyable books you could try this summer! If you have any book recommendations (any language) feel free to tell us in the comments, we’ll …